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  1. Books I am willing to provide: Science/Maths: Green, Brian: The Elegant Universe The Fabric of the Cosmos // some awesome books on string theory. also some background on realativity and quantum physics. It's a real geek read, and a must for anyone interested in this. PM for details. Gleick, J: Chaos //A book on Chaos theory. fairly heavy reading for those that never did well at maths. But interesting if you like it. Hack Stuff Mitnick, K: The Art of Deception //Does this book need an intro? Any SE should know this page-by-page. If you don't have this, then you will now. Quite why I'm willing to loan this is anyone's guess. Ok, it's not a huge collection, but it's pretty entertaing. especially the ones by Greene. The real joy in these books is that they will go pretty easy for people who only want to read this stuff for fun, but the endnotes are very heavy duty for those that want more. The real fun comes when you try to explain what you're reading to the fool that asked what you were reading This is an awesome idea, and if I must, I'll be happy to send them in a book-for-book trade (overseas included). Please feel free to sign in the date, ur nick and e-mail address in the inside cover for posterity. Just expect the same from me So, I see that this is a project that seems to die, un-die and then die again. what a shame... Please someone- fight to keep this topic alive!!! luck, and happy reading, ghostdog_688
  2. So I do my check to see if there's any new episodes. And it's gone... Now that's OK. Shows come and go, people start to do seperate things. I understand that. But no announcements, no "thanks a lot fans, goodbye!". Nothing. That was a little bit nasty... Oh well. it's a good thing I have copies of each episode, isn't it? But all I want to know is: is this a permanent thing? Has doug tv called it a day? Or is this a temporary setback? any help?
  3. thanks for the help. A quick google oughta turn these up no problem i take it? any others perhaps? or is it possible to adapt progs like kismet to a windows environment? it would be kind of awesome if that was possible, but if it is, go easy on me when explaining it...
  4. ...does anyone have any other programs of this nature under windows? please post links or keywords to search for. Thanks in advance
  5. I honestly wasn't aware of the snes scene, so I can appreciate the lack of support and therefore the tremendous ability of the people 'pinging' lines of binary. well done to anyone who did a good job of that. The only reason I mentioned the atari cracking scene over and above the PC (which is much bigger of course) is that the atari scene was generally much more in the spirit of hacking as it is represented here (the right way)compared to my experience of cracking nowadays. I've never been a programmer: I tried my hand at QBasic, but was never very good at being able to read/write code. I never really got past simple loops, so I congratulate all coders, great and small. Don't feel old, what ever you do - you're as old as you feel (easy coming from a 19-year-old, I know, but I plan to follow that rule until I die )
  6. well, it's working well now thanks to whoever checked it out
  7. well now there's two
  8. Not to betray my Apple roots (even though Apple did by dropping the Apple II line), but someone once told me that Ataris were loved by hackers even after much more powerful machines became common. The story was that because the full specifications were available, you had all the low-level information you needed to build your own OS from the hardware up. Is this true? ← Oh sure - Atari supllied a user's manual with all the low-level specifications you could shake a stick at (I think, but it's been a while). In fact, some packs came with manuals on assembly programming for the processor (Which apple took ). The Atari hacker and cracker scene is LEGENDARY as far as I'm aware and it's a fact nowadays that the only way to get some of the games is to obtain copies off the net from emulation sites that provide the pirate disks For more info on how to get them, PM me (or google them), and I'll show you a world of 16-bit masters that should still be appreciated today
  9. Well that's great, but I would have preferred it for download
  10. Is there a reason why ep 4 isn't available to download anymore? it seems to be a broken link or perhaps it's not up for DL anymore? the others are fine tho. Keep up the good work
  11. What about the Atari ST? I tried programming, but i never had he patience to do that. Besides, every real geek programs in assembly