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  1. Ha ha I love that laptop bit
  2. So..... anyone have a copy of his notes/slides? >.>'
  3. I must say on first read I did like it, however, after reading seal's rant I am have to agree with him. It is rather one side and I get this "I'm better than everyone else" feeling from it. Still breaking into banks is much better* than dropping nukes. * - Less worse
  4. Most wanted cyber criminal eh? Anyone else have a hard time swallowing that?
  5. On the subject of tip number one (using NTFS). It would seem the target of your advice is aimed at one who does not know what a journaled file system is and the key benifit of using FAT32 is that the "FEDS" will not be able to get at your data. I dare say the "FEDS" would still be able to get at the data. Now as I said you seem to target one who does not know this and I ask do you think you might preaching to the wrong crowd? I'm not going to claim to be an expert in file systems but I know that the benefits of NTFS (stability, larger than 4GB file size capacity, speed, etc...) have a bit more pull than simply not writing over the filespace when I click "delete". If anything the main benefit of FAT32 is for interopbility with linux and mac os boxes. Overall most of what you post is fair enough but the first section is riddled with holes. In my personal opinion encrypting your whole disk (while VERY cool) is overkill, I would suggest simply keeping a section encrypted for whatever you may keep.
  6. I think that by using the USB key as a point of entry it would be better to offload the program onto your target. I know I would find it odd if anyone wanted me to keep a usbkey in my system while I did stuff >_>
  7. So it seems that by setting up a password durring the vB install this "exploit" is overcome. Thanks for putting what you got up for others to see but it seems that this would only work on an idiot's site.
  8. Anyone wanna mirror the cisco PDFs for me? (or just send em to me) When I try to download it tells me to turn off my adblocking software and... I don't wanna ... ..... .......
  9. so... where are the torrents?
  10. Bleh... you and your flash files. Video files I tell you! Out of curiosity what are the specs of the system you ran truecrypt on for the video?
  11. A torrent system would probably be better. Speaking of you could probably just drop them onto piratebay or whatever.
  12. I use the Serpent-Twofish-AES but I base that on the idea that if one fails (sounds like two have failed) I will have two different layers. That and I don't use it enough to have the speed hit really matter to me.
  13. er... it would work well for intel chips I guess but AMD chips max out at 2.6Ghz and our preforme the top en intels (for now anyway). Niffty none the less.
  14. I believe I recall hearing that electron microscopes were used. If that is the case I would guess they take a nice long look at where the magnetic filiment is resting and re-compile it some how (by hand?). Hope that helps
  15. wifi can be used for local networking only should an internet connection not be present. Download your homework from a mapped drive or whatever. Take the lappy to a larger city and you have access to the net. Works out well I think. Besides a lack of internet connection could be a GOOD thing. Do we really want all these kids on myspace?