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  1. something to work with I guess...nothing special though
  2. Don't know if it would work with nix, but I used to use Renegade (I believe v10.14)which was excellent. SuperBBS is also good, but much more complicated to set up. I'm sure I have a copy of Renegade on an old Phoenix CD somewhere....
  3. Be proactive and not reactive. Keep to yourself so you won't have to destroy your years of work and dedication. But if it comes to that then make sure your backed up. Don't keep it at home either. Me personally, I keep a Travan tape backup (usually updated every six months) in an undisclosed location that I only know about in case the shit hits the fan and I do have to destroy my shit. I would be devestated if I was forced to destroy everything I have worked so hard on. irreplacable data and time. A good way to get your shit unreadable is to give it to my wife after she finds out what your doing :pissed: . She'll just throw it out in the driveway (twice on two seperate occasions) and bam, destroyed. As for a good conventional way of destuction, about 20 pounds of sledge hammer will do drives in, and plastics are simply burnt on stove/fireplace. One last thing, anyone who you know that's flat broke is always looking for a way to get quick cash (crimestoppers). The inportant thing is limiting your release of information to ZERO.
  4. 979-848-0971 does the same thing, but if you dial an extention like 2522 (there are several more) it will dial someones office. I'll keep messing with it and see what I can get.
  5. what's up everyone....Glad to be here
  6. what's so terrible about the information I posted to be banned for??
  7. Half.Life.2.Beta-ANON"anon-hl2.nfo xxxRIPTERxxx - Half.Life.2.Beta-ANON"anon-hl2.nfo" yEnc (XX/1) alt.binaries.comp 100 rar files 10 par files
  8. 979-849-4301 Norwest Bank