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  1. That search thing is pretty cool, but it looks like it might be an AI thing rather than a human. Just looking from the ways it speaks i could be wrong tho
  2. nice
  3. Yup, Exactly
  4. i dont think you quite understand. I dont want to download one specific thing, but use a proxy (set up by me) only for uploading (to get round firewall settings) but i dont want to use the proxy for downloading cos the speed really sucks.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Ill read up on some of the links and post back later. hmm, you mean you changed the settings back to not using a proxy after it connected? i was thinking of trying something like that but i didnt think it would work. Anyways does anyone think it can be done in Privoxy?
  6. AHH, i need some help!! Is there anyway to use a proxy for outgoing requests only? i set up privoxy on a friends computer and i want to use it only for outgoing (so uploading) but i want to be able to download stuff without it going through privoxy cos i dont wanna be restricted to their upload speed. im not using the proxy for anonymity but just experiment with stuff. i've been looking at the privoxy FAQs and some other stuff but i cant seem to find a way. Anyone got any ideas? please help, its bugging the hell out of me
  7. Thats probally why they dont want phone. damn pheaks (kidding)
  8. LOL I think we all got stories like that
  9. so, could a system be setup where someone could phone an asterisk box and, i dunno, use dtmf tones to issue the commands (maybe the pwd command) and the computer respond by sending a message to a mobile phone containing the output (such as thecurrent directory)?
  10. Just listened to binrev radio episode 110 and 112 (Asterisk) and thought the part about interfacing with the computer using the phone (i think it was the agi thingy) and was wondering if this would work with sms messages? For example using a sms message to send data to use the nmap scanner and have it return data again via sms? Im not a phreak but i thought the PBX idea is really cool and was just thinking about this. I dont know if the ideas so stupid im gonna be called a newb, but oh well, just asking. anyway, this is my first post so hello to everyone