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  1. Tried calling 360-800-0000 (via Vitelity) this evening. Answered on the first ring with hold music. 3 minutes in, and I was still hearing music. Called back and the music started from the beginning again. Just my 2ยข :-)
  2. So I'm trying to put together a replacement power supply for a DVR I snagged today. The original was configured as such: ftp://files155.cyberlynk.net/uploads/Classic%20Recorder%20Power%20Pin%20Out.pdf It needs to put out +12VDC, +5VDC, and -12VDC. At first glance, I'd think a plain old AT power supply would work fine, since it would put out +12VDC and +5VDC at more than sufficient amperages. But what about the -12VDC? As I understand it, -12VDC is merely +12VDC with swapped polarity. But I don't know how I'd be able to get + and - out of the same supply without shorting its outputs to its grounds. Can anyone enlighten me on what I'm missing? --nwbell
  3. I did end up adding that exact line to my config in the process of testing; it made no difference. I also tried swapping the interfaces around, clearing the config and starting over, etc. Even tried removing my switch from the equation, just to be sure (recently moved from a 32-port 10/100 HP ProCurve to a Catalyst 2948). None of my changes made any noticeable difference. I'll have to get that together. Got sick of messing around and swapped in my spare (a 2514) last night, so I'll have to put things back first.
  4. What you see is what I'm running. I trimmed the lines related to the router's hostname, passwords, and console lines; everything else is as-is. There are no ACLs in use. Yes. Simple test: "telnet 80", then "GET /" - from behind the Cisco, session opens but no response from the GET; from the Cisco itself, the page is returned. Strangely enough, I also tried some other requests ("GET /foo", for example, to get a 404). THAT works from machines behind the Cisco. I can make the same request from Safari, too; the 404 page appears but Safari waits endlessly for "/favicon.ico" (which, like "/", won't load from machines behind the Cisco). Oddly, it doesn't stop. Haven't been able to determine - this is the only IP I've been able to single out so far, and it doesn't return pings.
  5. Hello! They say everybody is a n00b on some subject. IOS is one of many such subjects for me. Here's the situation: I have a Cisco 2620 running 12.3(26)c. FastEthernet0/0 is the onboard 10/100 interface, and is hooked to my private network ( FastEthernet1/0 is the 10/100 interface on a NM-1FE-TX WIC, and is hooked to my ISP's network (obscured here as 71.x.x.x). My config is as follows: no aaa new-model ip subnet-zero ip cef ! ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool mypad network dns-server default-router domain-name mypad.mydomain.net ! ip audit po max-events 100 ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip nat inside duplex auto speed auto ! interface FastEthernet1/0 ip address 71.x.x.x ip nat outside duplex auto speed auto ! ip nat inside source list 1 interface FastEthernet1/0 overload ip http server ip classless ip route 71.x.x.254 Everything is working just peachy, but there's one problem: I can't get through to a fair number of hosts, particularly ones in the 69/8 space. We'll use car-part.com ( for example - try to access it from behind the Cisco, no go; connect the outside connection directly to one of my machines and try it, all good. Right now my main issue is identifying the problem specifically. Once that's done, I (obviously) need to resolve it. Anyone willing/able to give me some direction here? --nwbell
  6. Aren't some COCOTS alarmed? Perhaps that's why he had to make a call while disassembling it... either dialing the sequence to disable the alarm, or "phoning home" to have the alarm disabled/ignored.
  7. I kinda liked the idea of NSAT&T Radio - a once-yearly, higher level update on what's up, along with some other stuff for flavor. Always figured that someday it'd serve as a sort of time capsule... but maybe I'm just getting overly sentimental. The best part is that, should anyone pick it up and run with it, you'd be off the hook after three years - there is no 13th month of the year, after all
  8. Guess you can't add attachments when editing... so here's another post with the goods. It's pretty much a mini-demo of what an RFC1 sounds like, made by me a while ago. I "bleeped out" the call letter ID at the beginning of the call, but the rest is intact. sineremote.wav
  9. It's 9/9/09, and 9:09 was nearly 2 hours ago here in teh 320. Will there be another episode of NSAT&T Radio this year, or did I miss the boat?
  10. Yeah. I was going to add some tech info about those Sine Systems remotes, but you guys already beat me to it. I had a client some time back for whom I built an Asterisk system; they had an RFC1 running out in the field, and were constantly bugging me when said remote would ignore their DTMF tones. They blamed it on the Asterisk box not generating long/loud/accurate enough tones; I blamed it on the remote being mostly deaf. After 8+ months of wrangling, we got the station engineer involved, and it turned out I was right They used to send me recordings of the thing misbehaving on a regular basis. I'll see if I can dig some up and post 'em (seem to recall doing so a year or two back?).
  11. Correct. And this time, I think I'm going to write it on my desk or something. Thanks!
  12. There's always the PLA, if you're truly bored. No comment on the legality of a couple of the things they've done over there, though
  13. Hello guys... long time no post Some time ago I found a link here to a site that would allow you to find the carrier for any given US phone number, even if it had been ported. I played with it a bit at the time, found it to be quite useful, and bookmarked it (or so I thought). Fast forward about a year... and now I can't find the bookmark. Anybody know what I'm talking about? I seem to recall it having "telco" in its name, and using a hierarchical system of links (i.e., click "320", then "555", then "12XX", then "1212" - or something like that). I tried searching through the old threads, but my memories are too vague to produce any meaningful search terms.
  14. If I was to do that - which I woudn't - I think I'd have to hijack their STL first, have some fun with their listeners, and THEN move on to the more destructive methods. In your best announcer voice: "It's 10 o'clock at WXKS-FM Medford/Boston, a sound service of Crap Channel Communications. We now return to (insert your favorite H/P podcast), here on the NEW HackRadio 107.9... can you /phear/ me now?" Just my US$0.02. EDIT: actually, you might not even need to physically go there - I read an article recently that mentioned how CC was installing new STL over IP systems, which are little more than a pair of Barix streaming encoder/decoder boxes connected to two-way VSAT rigs (serviced by HughesNet, IIRC). Or, if you're patient, you could just wait for Clear Channel to self-destruct on its own
  15. If they're anything like the ones I'm used to, there is NO infrared remote control capabilities. The IR remotes are generally model- or brand-specific. And as a rule of thumb, if it's more than a couple feet across and/or doesn't look like a scrolling marquee, it's not gonna work with a handheld remote. Most older, larger ones I've seen use direct serial or a modem, along with proprietary software. Newer ones I'm familiar with have some sort of embedded computer with Ethernet or modem connectivity, and often use IP with proprietary software. Key words there: Proprietary Software. You *need* to find the app(s) before you can do much of anything useful... unless you just want to turn it off, see what happens when it's power-cycled or the data connection is dropped, etc. Research, research, research. (And perhaps a bit of SEing) According to this, Lamar has been buying from Daktronics. Might give you a jumping-off point.