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  1. its not that you dont have support for the file system in the kernel, its due to the fact that you do not have support for your ide interface in your kernel. seems strange i know, the boot loader can find it just fine, but your kernel cant. this is because as soon as your boot loader launches your kernel on the processer, it falls away and its upto the kernel to figure out how in the hell to talk to the hardware.
  2. ive always found that this is a great stupid parlor trick. its fun to get a newbie to do. at a bash prompt :(){ :|:& };: warning, this will lock up your box, and your only option will be to force a reset of the system save all work before attempting.
  3. you need to make sure you are supporting your file system in the kernel, so if your running riserfs you need yo select Y under that option in the kernel config. also, you need to make sure you have your ATA device supported, if you fail to support your sata device in the kernel, it wont be able to even find the root device to boot from. while grub can locate and load your kernel from the disk, once that happens, grub falls away, and its upto your kernel which is now loaded into ram to reinitialize and bring up the hardware. good thing to look for is a lsmod, then do a mod info on all the modules that are loaded, once you find ones that are for sata access, go find that module in the kernel config and make sure it it built into the kernel, not a module. most stock kernels build almost everything as a module, but if your building a custom kernel, its best to build all the core stuff "cpu modules, disk drivers, and the such" right into the kernel. if your looking to build a hardened server, build everything you need right into the kernel, and disable loadable modules, this shuts down a attack route.
  4. using mobile processers in desktops is a old overclocker's trick, they can usualy be pushed farther then the desktop processers, run cooler, and require less power. just make sure to set the bios settings to run the chip.
  5. Im still tinkering with the image on the MEGA8, but right now, its controllable from .1v dc to 30vdc in .1v steps, amperage is controllable from 100ma to 3a in 50ma steps. below are the schematics for it.
  6. Ok, here goes. for the last month or so, I've been tinkering around with the idea of building a digitally controlled power supply unit. In the next few weeks, ill be sending the board off to a board house to run a few prototypes. If all goes well, and there is enough interest, I may possibly do a limited production run of the board, (50 or so), and offer the entire thing as a kit. The cost of the kit would be only the cost of the items contained in the kit, there would be no profit for me in this. I've been trying to decide which way to go, to buy all the items for the kits, and ship everything in one box, or simply sell the PCB, and send that along with a paper copy of the schematic and parts list (would include Digikey and Mouser part numbers). Some feedback would be appreciated on this.
  7. IRDA connection 9,600 baud if you have a irda dongle, just fire up hyperterm or something, and start a session. there is a help thing built into it.
  8. ok, first, this sounds like a load of crap to me, typo, or something. i dont trust those kinds of numbers. as far as 1and1 avoid them. we had a account with them, and they tend to like to double charge your card, then when you want to move to another host, they refuse to give up the domain that the TOS says belongs to you. i have a account with dreamhost and one with emax, really, both of them are kick ass. because dreamhost has been pimped out already on this thread, im gonna pimp emax 3.95 month 1gb disk space 50gb transfer add on domains, sub domains, mysql, email blah blah blah, everything else is unlimited. they have uptime thats some of the best ive seen. better then the site i have with dreamhost, but thats because of the brownout problems over there, so i understand.
  9. can i trash on him for the service being shit then? they over charge, have bullshit contact info on their site, no real info in their whois, and oh yea, their upstream provider blows ass.
  10. toshiba actualy makes good laptops, when the 420cdt broke, it was over 10 years old.
  11. dont know if it applys, but i have a toshiba sat pro 420cdt, had a problem about the same. the cause was actualy 2 fold. the first issue was the messed up power connection in the rear, so check that. the other issue was a dead CMOS battery. toshiba seems to not like to boot without that battery in working condition. hope that gives you 2 places to look. If both of those check out ok, pull the battery out plug it into the wall, and measure voltage across the battery connection pins, make sure its actualy charging the battery. this is also a good time to check the battery for voltage. if it reads low, and your getting voltage from the pins toss the battery into a ziplock baggy with a few paper towels, chuck it in the freezer over night, then pull it out, let it warm up, and charge it.
  12. The old Acer laptops used a drive sled, so you will need to get your hands on one. i sugest trying ebay or a computer recycler.
  13. ok, first, did you remember to apt-get update apt-get upgrade before you tried to install kde. also, a tip for the debian users out there. if you hit a issue like this, wait about 3 hours, then update and try to fix it. you would be amazed how many times packages get uploaded and included in the package list before the rest of the dependicies are up.
  14. another possability for this, would be to have your links refrence index.php?page=something then load everything from a diffrent file to bring up the data for that page. sounds like something that you dont really need, but it helps to keep everything nice and tidy, no problems of 2 pages not looking the same due to problems with the css or something. also, you could bust out some nice sexy iframes, and run it like that.
  15. debian sarge on a toshiba sat pro 420cdt. blackbox for the wm. its slow, its heavy, and its built like a damn tank.