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  1. the service sucks anyway........its always repeats back words I didnt say....even when I speak ok at home kinda...but the service blows while using my cell
  2. Just received havent tested this yet will try when I get home. Anyone know the low down on this? Cell phone companies are charging us $1.00 or more for 411 information calls when they don't have to. When you need to use the 411 / information option, simply dial 1-800-FREE 411 Or ~ 1-800-373-3411 without incurring a charge at all except for the minutes required to make the call.
  3. lol I was just fucking around a bit m8.
  4. LOL Look what I nabbed I didnt include link so nublets dont hit the page. I think the scene should show up undercover and they could play spot the hacker. j/k! Sounds fun but scary...very scary lol.. Whats your thoughts on this con? Not too much info available @ the moment ~2006 ARMY Information Technology Conference General Information The next Conference is scheduled for: 6 - 8 June 2006 The Conference will be held at: Caribe Royale Orlando 8101 World Center Drive Orlando, FL 32821 The Caribe Royale Orlando Information The Army Small Computer Program proudly hosts the Army's most powerful Information Technology Conference attracting more than 500 Army DoD, Federal/Government Employees, Support Contractors and Industry and Exhibitors. The conference brings together the most important and knowledgeable people driving the Army's present and future IT requirements. The conference is packed with exciting guest speakers from DoD & Industry and includes an exhibition hall consisting of over 40 exhibitors showcasing the latest IT Products and Services available on ASCP contracts. The conference is FREE!! for all Army, DoD, Federal/Government employees, Support Contractors and Exhibiting Vendors. For Industry Attendees without a direct Government Support Contract, a registration fee of $100 is required. DAWIA MEMBERS of the Defense Acquisition Workforce can earn required continuous learning points by attending Connecting Technology. The Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) requires acquisition billeted personnel position skills through continuous learning. Reference for this is the USD(A&T) Policy on Continuous Learning for the Defense Acquisition Workforce. You can also find this information at the Acquisition Support Center website under Policy and Procedures. A minimum of 80 points is needed every two years (usually 1 point = 1 hour of activity). Attendance at the Army IT Conference can satisfy Individual Development Plan requirements with approval from employee's supervisor. For Contracting personnel, DOIMs and Technologists – ASCP Product Leaders will answer all your questions in a very informal yet informative session. Latest contracting trends, Army and DoD IT-related policies, and new technology focus are highlighted for questions and general discussion – just what it might all mean in your working environment! For more details regarding the agenda, attendee conference & hotel registration, exhibitor conference & hotel registration, click on the links at left. More details will become available as the start of the conference draws near.~
  5. ~If directory assistance has the number you need it might cost 50 cents or so to make the directory assistance call and then you use the red box to pay for the call~