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  1. We dialled this from a phone in the uk and got some woman saying hello with a baby screaming in the background.....
  2. Hello Binrev
  3. You were unlucky man, but two things - definately don't talk to your parents about anything that has sexual connotations; I like to believe that my parents stopped having sex after I was conceived ...second... don't ever give up computers; I got fired from my first 'proper' job for hacking at a time when hacking wasn't really a generally used term (1985) but it set me off on an excellent career in IT and although it was scary at 16 to be fired and escorted out of a building, i've had a blast along the way and am still doing so - I now have my own company doing PC support - hey you gotta love irony
  4. If you use VPN surely you can get all the security you need - encrypt it. Otherwise you can set up a very nicely protected private network using Hamachi which is excellent for joining disparate networks; we've had this linking 5/6 PC's in totally seperate networks, the encryption is excellent and it's easy to set up
  5. I think it's a good effort and obviously a lot of work has gone into it, although i haven't read it in depth; obviously some people have picked up points they think worth raising. For my cents worth, i think it would be a nice feature to have a previous and next button to navigate up and down the index once you're reading a topic.
  6. I dont have to participate...everyone I know uses it..and it seems that they all check there myspace at my house...along with AIM, I got 25 Aim names stored on my comp. Myspace wouldnt be so bad if EVERYONE wasnt sofa king CRAZY about it.. Just like IPods...WTF is the big deal with having music in your ear ALL DAY LONG...That gets anoying. LMAO, youre the first to catch that H5N1=bird flu, thats awesome...Good Catch ← I'm not into myspace; but having my ipod in my ears is keeping myspace cos I love my music and i don't want to hear inane meaningless chatter on the bus or tube or a one sided mobile phone conversation; so i retreat into my ipod space
  7. I agree with Hiryu, I have a 2gb usb key that i use to hide applications and data including passwords using keeppass and it works great
  8. Yeah dude move to the uk...... ok. thats the 53rd state... no it's 3rd world.... ah thats perfect!
  9. If you haven't already said too much you can plead the 5th... just kidding... after all I live in a country where the right to silence... no longer exists.... You can plead ignorance, after all someone could have had your password; created a batch file that mapped the drives, and deleted itself on the first login after creating (highly possible, though improbable ) and you were just an unlucky victim at the time.... Dunno... I recommend looking at shares using the unc method which just brings up the directory contents... ie \\\teacher$ but beware... if the teacher used the command NET USE in a cmd box your screwed... and will get caught
  10. I agree; i'm a former fan of Norton but it became to resource hungry bringing a machine down. For my money AVG and the windows firewall. I tried the AVG product that includes a firewall but i just couldn't get on with it; I hope GriSoft will improve it.
  11. This is gr8; i read your earlier stuff; I presume you were referring to the Win 3.0 post I did. As someone who's been in the industry 21 years i'm fascinated about any part of the history, but obviously unlike babbage (for example) the CP/M example is much closer to home and events that I was a part of, but ironically unaware of.
  12. Digital Research... there's an interesting story there. There are some who believe that MS-DOS was a rip-off of Digital Research's CP/M, and Gary Kildall should have had all of Mr. Bill's $$. You can check out the following links and decide for yourself. ← Actually I always felt that CP/M was the far superior operating system. I had it on the B side of a disk used in my Amstrad PCW8256 and taught myself to program using CP/M and the Mallard Basic on the B side of that disk... those were the days sigh! But seriously for file protection and date stamping stuff CP/M was well ahead of it's time
  13. This is great thanks for posting it; it's amazing how some of the look and feel has carried over into todays product
  14. i have a copy around here somewhere >_< ← I'd love to see that. Gem woz gr8; but of course Xerox (i think it was them) never made the most of it EDIT: Correction it was Digital Research
  15. ...if only someone had strangled it at birth In the beginning there was Windows 3.0