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  1. Does anyone know where I can download a clean version of hidden32? This program is going to be used for ethical purposes and in a controlled environment POC.
  2. The URL below is code to update nmap with the statistics patch, has anyone done this and if so how do you get the code into nmap? I dont understand the dff file aspect and I dont know if this only works on Unix. I have nmap on Linux and Windows XP NMAP 3.1 Statistics Patch URL : Author : vitek[at] Comment : The Nmap 3.10ALFA Statistics Patch adds the -c switch which guesses how much longer the scan will take, shows how many ports have been tested, resent, and the ports per second rate. Useful for scanning firewalled hosts. Thanks for the help
  3. I already posted a topic on this, but I just want to know if someone has done this and what they used to do this. I read the comments in the code and it said to use Nmake which is used on Windows working with Perl to use .mak files, but I didnt get anywhere. I also used a C compiler on it in Windows and used GCC in Linux and got a alot of errors. :flamed: Please flame me if you want, but give me a little tip in the proccess so I can test this on my IIS Server.
  4. Which Atheros based WI-FI card can be used on Back Track 2 is pre compatible for Airplay attacks? Does anyone have a card they use or know that works good for them for this? I guess my senao 2511cd doesnt work! :cry: Thanks for your help :voteyes:
  5. I downloaded the DNS RPC exploit from and it gave me 5 files. dissasembles.txt dnsxpl.idl Makefile dnsxpl.acf dnsxplc.c It said just use nmake So I placed the nmake files in my C:\perl\bin directory and used nmake on the Makefile and I got a lot of errors I didnt get anywhere with that so I used a C compiler on the dnsxplc.c and got a lot of errors. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong, should I be using a specific compiler or is there a website you know of for help on this. If anyone has made this work, can you give some tips on what to do.
  6. All accept flaming for using ettercap on Windows, but when using ettercap from the CMD I type "C:\ettercap -I" this gives me all the network interfaces on my computer. *Something like \Device\NPF_{XXXXXX-77F0-4A4E-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX} Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler) *So I use ettercap -i "\Device\NPF_{XXXXXX-77F0-4A4E-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX}" *But it says "Please select an User Interface" *Help Please
  7. Maybe we can all go to a buffet Friday night, Vegas has some good food and prices. :voteyes:
  8. This is a nice little DRM Technical documents search :go: Link
  9. :voteyes: Episode 139 - Honeypots
  10. Control Panel, Display, Appearance, Advanced, Item dropdown list, Icon, size. I hope this is what you wanted.
  11. I know SQL Server 2005 has a new command prompt (SQLCMD), which replaced OSQL. SQLCMD allows you to enter transact-SQL statements, system procedures, and script files. :go: SQLCMD
  12. I dont know if this can help, but in one of the hackTV episodes they hack a transportation card. I dont remember which one it is, but theres only three of them. Heres a nice little article on the subject. ---Link---
  13. They even have USB keyloggers.
  14. I dont know what version you have, but maybe going back one can help.
  15. Thats cool, I dont know how it works and Steve Wiseman didnt really say anything technical about it. Im guessing you have to be admin to intall it and you can change the settings for client authentication or not. If you set this up without a username and password, that wouldnt be smart. I dont have time to try this out and learn it, but I hope someone already has it going and can give a basic idea of it.