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  1. We'll you can use the keypad from the razor and use parts from a land line phone for the guts and maybe cook up a case for yourself. So you can make a beigebox that looks like a razor but a little bit bigger. So play around with another phone and use the keypad you have.
  2. Your future wife
  3. First off who the fuck cares, it's fucking Kevin Mitnick's site. People's shit gets defaced daily, it is lame get over it.
  4. I have 3 sets of tracks all within a mile of me that CSX runs on, I'll go sniff around.
  5. Modern freight trains are equipped with tracking systems so control can monitor engine activity and position on the tracks. It is also very possible that control has a virtual link into the train for the reason of taking over and stopping the train via computer if there is an accident or the driver is injured/dead. But what disproves my point is that it would be totally unnecessary to have a router on the train.
  6. I'm starting to doubt that the manufacturer is even given individual XP Cd's and they have some kind of device and or machine i.e. another computer that loads on XP and all those other shitty applications. Microsoft is so far behind. If they wanted to, Microsoft could demand that the manufacture stops putting all that preloaded junk on board. When you get an Apple you don't get 900 AOL and EARTHLINK shortcuts, not to mention all the spy ware and shit that come with all that stuff. It is very clear that Microsoft does not care about the individual user like Apple does. Don't you think if they did a Windows box would come with all the sweet preloaded apps that a Apple computer has to offer. Microsoft finally develops and prepares to release an OS (Vista) with some of that stuff, and Apple is at the same stage in development if not farther with the next generation OS. Now I am not saying Apple is perfect, they still have their problems but come on I am sick and tired of all the economy grade shit like Microsoft. Don't even get me started on Microsoft application suites like Office, how is it that Sun is able to give away an almost identical version of Office for free (Open Office). The computer I am on now will be my last standard Windows box, I may keep one around for tinkering but when this dies or I get enough money, I'm making the full switch to Apple. I'm partially there, I have a G4 and all I use at work are Apple computers. So I'll second the motion for Microsoft to eat a dick!
  7. Excuse me but I asked this earlier and it wasn't answered. Were you given any form of citation and or "receipt"/ticket/document that said they took something out of your car? If you were not the officer technically stole your laptop. Why you are not getting a public defendant regardless to their skill is ridiculous. Explaining what you were doing to the police will only make your situation worse. Have you been summoned yet? If you have not go to the police situation with ID and some other proof that the laptop is yours and demand that it is returned to you and was not rightfully confiscated, than considering taking them to court, for violating your personal property. You should also consider contacting AOL and asking if they can give you a sign on/sign off log with IP addresses, if they keep that information and you can get it, you'll have a huge case against that police department. Personally I think you are being very ignorant and naive about this whole situation.
  8. If you didn't get a ticket , any piece of written document declaring the shit was taken and who you are, you're not going to get it back. When my friends and I used to skateboard in Philly cops would often take our shit if we didn't run (skateboards, bags, camera, tripods, that kind of stuff) but rarely did they charge us with anything. Everything that the police confiscate from you is put in an evidence locker and or a police warehouse. If you are charged with something the stuff is filed and you can go pick it up at a later date. But if you're not charged you better hope you can prove that what they take is yours otherwise it sits in a warehouse and than is auctioned. It also could be very possible the officer took your belongings for his own gain a.k.a. stole them, but I doubt that because he could very easily lose his job. I hate cops. Fuck them. EDIT***Funny story about solitaire, a laptop, and the police: Walking down State St. in Trenton, walked past a cop car, the victory animation (cards bouncing and covering the screen) from Windows solitaire is playing on the cops laptop, that right there are tax dollars being well spent. He started another game after that too.
  9. The real question is if a live operator will be accessible through 611.
  10. until
    Hey it's Hope time again! Official Hope 2006 page. I HOPE to see everyone there.
  11. Well they would have gotten off if they didn't sit in the fucking parking lot for 2 weeks in a car connecting to the network everyday. It's not the Feds electronically hunted them down they drove around in a car looking for a bunch of retards sitting in a car playing with computers. It appears they have made an example of him. So if you're thinking about doing something like this, don't go back everyday for a few weeks, after first access don't come back for a while they'll eventually catch on and you'll get run up on by a bunch of donut eaters. About him helping Lowes update their security could have been something to lesson his sentence say maybe if he didn't do than he was going to get 12-15 years.
  12. I am saying first week of August or last few days in July.
  13. Listen CallMeCrazy, I'm not going to call you crazy, I'm going to call you a fucking retard.
  14. Those guys are beat for thier cornholes.
  15. Couldn't they theoretically just use a different port if that option were available? Or am I being retarded?