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  1. Epic 12 year bump: www.cactuscon.com phear
  2. Then there's the Teensy attack Teensy USB HID Attack Vector R3l1K and Mitnick demo it in their DerbyCon2011 talk: Adaptive Penetration Testing It's not a logger, but a keyboard that will own the victims box and put a shell on it. They 'dropped' 5 keyboards at a company and got like 8 shells
  3. I guess win32k.sys has some problems and a "tall" IFRAME rendered in Safari on a 64-bit Win7 system can corrupt the memory, allowing for possible execution of arbitrary code (exploit) with kernel mode privs. ...meh Source: Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability found in 64 bit version of Windows 7 EDIT: To be more specific, I guess this would cause a blue-screen (with the above mentioned software setup): <iframe height='18082563'></iframe> Anybody care to test
  4. Unetbootin is a life saver
  5. Yeah, I could have used something like this when doing the barcode-tricks thing for 2600. I was working on a way to thicken a barcode line with a non-gloss pen to 'transform' it into a different product. It's a very in-flexible thing to do. A database would have been very useful for that. Instead, I went to a supermarket with pen and notepad to collect barcode prospects. It must have looked strange.
  6. I'm a geek and want to see trending data of the free space of all my drives (summed up). Here's the cron entry I added: 0 18 * * * date | awk '{print $1", "$2", "$3", "$4", "$6", "}'| head -c -1 | cat >> /home/xlogicx/logs/server_usage.csv; df --total | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $2", "$3", "$4", "$5}' | cat >> /home/xlogicx/logs/server_usage.csv The csv has this as it's first line initially: Weekday, Month, Day, Time, Year, Total, Used, Free, Percentage A sample line that the command produces in the csv is: Sun, Dec, 17, 18:00:01, 2011, 9511873444, 8248258400, 1227300728, 88% It runs everyday at 6pm. the --total on df is great for a poor-mans RAID (several independent drives in a server not RAIDed). I specifically don't use -h because it reduces precision; harder to notice subtle changes.
  7. Anybody have one of these? I would be interested in what $lsusb brings back as a device name. If it's unique enough, you could write a script/cron to grep and alert. You could also script for changes as well, this would at least alert you to check the back of your box. I played with the KeyKatcher 32 and 128 in the ancient times (it was PS2) .
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have been to a handful of Infragard meetings. My membership may be expired now, it has been years since I have gone. We used to have VPN access to their docs, I think they now do their stuff over the web instead. The talks were interesting. I remember they had a talk on war-driving, they did data analysis on a large war-driving project in phoenix (my area), this one was closed to the public, not sure why though, nothing too secret was exposed. I also went to a food bio-terrorism talk, that one was extremely interesting. Oh, and I do remember going through a background check, so whatever, now they know more about me, maybe? they probably don't care about me at all.
  9. I'll be there this year. Hope to see you guys around at a binrev get together.
  10. I'll be there. I arravie at the LGA airport at 9:59PM on thursday. If anybody gets there around the same time, we could be bus/subway buddies I'll be the guy with shitty looking grey hair (not natural color) and a tat on my leg that looks like a bunch of gashes (I'm easy to spot in other words).
  11. I'll be there too, I'm in
  12. I know this probably isn't that great on a technical level, but Elenco has this product called Snap Circuits, it's meant for kids 8 and up. It is definately for kids, but was one of the funnest toys I have ever played with.
  13. I didn't really use any IC's so that wasn't really a problem. Although, I could have peeled the labels off of the capacitors I guess, though the size of a capacitor is usually a little revealing (but not always). As far as the IC label removing, a little bit of acetone can go a long way.
  14. I think I may have mentioned this somewhere else, but as far as mounting the NTFS drive goes, I use Captive NTFS, though the driver does seem kind of slow. The first site that comes up when googling for Captive NTFS is one place to get it, if it's not allready on the live distro.
  15. Off topic again, hey Evil1, I am not at interzone.