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  1. Anyone know how you go about compiling a wordlist for use with WepAttack, or any utility that uses a wordlist. There is a lot of word's in local use that would not be in any list I can find, so I would like to either make a new one or add to the existing wordlist. Thanks for any info :-)
  2. Great stuff , thnaks :-)
  3. Nope, I ain't , but I will ! Cheers :-) i would still be interested if anyone know's how to actually make one. Thanks all.
  4. I agree, the real deal is way better :-) I got a 2500 for FREE , and got a really good deal on two other's. If you ask around you may well get some really cheap or free. Good luck :-)
  5. huh? the one that i posted didnt require me to login. maybe ny doesnt like you. ← It don't like me either ! You do have to register and login for that link.
  6. I had just figured he is using Windows. In which case drivers are not a problem, and if he would ever use netstumbler, it would more than likely recognize his card. ← For sure pretty much any card will do with Window's. But there is nothing worse than getting something that , in six month's time don't do what you then want to do, if you get me :-) While the D-Link is a good card, you will find that your restricted in what you can do with it, should you delve deeper into wardriving. Regardless, whatever card you get, have fun :-)
  7. What card you get will depend on the OS your using and the app's you intend to use as much as anything else. Not much point in getting a card to find that it's not got great support in , say FreeBSD or whatever. Further your intended apps will dictate to an extent on what card you wan't to get. If you get into wardriving, you will end up with lot's of cards :-) I got the Senao, a Cisco, an Oronico, and a D-Link. The Senao come's in two version's one with builtin antenna and one without. As mentioned above the one without a builtin antenna does need an external one, but a very small rubber duck does the job. The Senao has a Prisim 2.5 chipset ( you can get a cheaper Prism 3 chipset Senao card , but forget it, no use!) , and will support most distro's and most apps. The Cisco is a good card for reason's mentioned above, both the Cisco and Senao use the same MMX connector which is handy. The Orinoco is good, but be carefull which one you get, some of the newer one's don't really have good support. The Orinoco use's a different connector for the antenna, so you can't interchange antenna's without getting different pig tail's. I would go for the Senao and a rubber duck, and an omnidirectional antenna as a really good start for wardriving, it will cover most distro's and apps, without much patching, it's ( because of the Prism 2.5 chipset) pretty much plug and play :-) Then when fund's permit a Yagi antenna, if your lucky, you can "wardrive" from your own room, with that kit :-) A very good book on the subject is Wi-FOO, it's well worth the money, a must buy if your really into wardriving. EDIT: I just had a quick look at that Linksys, I would suspect it's pretty useless for wardriving, of any serious nature. Have fun :-)
  8. I have the old style British ringtone on my phone, but can't find the US one. Anyone have a link to an MP3 of this. I have googled to no great avail ! Many thanks for any help. Cheers
  9. That would be totally cool if you could :-) I love the classic British ring on my moblie, the US one would be great to have. Cheers dude :-)
  10. The sound of a telephone set ringing :-) Cheers.
  11. I just looked for it on amazon and ALOT of people are saying that book sucks. ← I can remember when I thought that was a good book !!! :-) The shame of it all :-)
  12. BSD

    I aint no guru, on Linux/Unix, but FreeBSD work's for me :-) I still can't quite figure your post : Download FreeBSD 5.0 Installed it Configured and ran some test pages on Apache Wow faaaast Went back to Linux Why did you go back to Linux, having realised that FreeBSD is "Wow faaaast" ? I ( right now) use FreeBSD on an old laptop for wardriving and generall "hackin" use. Works like a charm, and yeah , it's "Wow faaaast" :-) I have tried many Linux distro's, but alway's went back to FreeBSD. But it ain't for everyone, go with what suit's you :-)
  13. Am I blind or there is no way to choose European carriers on this site ? ← Yeah , there are three for Ireland, the only problem as I see it is you got to register! It would be pretty neat to do it without having to register. Neater still , can you send free text message's via a WiFi VoIP phone ? That would be totally awesome :-) Txtdriving :-)
  14. Wartalking ? :-) That could be fun !
  15. Hi ya all :-) I have been reading some of the thread's here for a bit ( after I got the three pack of <BR> zines), and it's a good forum. Today I just started reading the thread's in this forum. Now I am thinkin , why bother with phreakin ? It's not like it's dear to make a call these day's! With cell phone's , and VoIP , well is phreakin not obsolete ! But it kinda look's like there may be something here of interest :-) It's a total efing n00b question , where do you start phreaking, what's the payback! I like playing about with computers, I like playing about with anything really. Any info would be great, I should at least try it, can you phreak using VoIP ? Do I need any gear ? Any insight would be great. PS: pretty good site, awesome zine :-) Cheers!
  16. Many thanks to all for your help, even if I did word it quite badly ! I ordered some book's from Amazon, with luck I should have them over Christamss. One was reviewed in <BR> "Telecom Crash Course" it was given a good review, another telco book and a O Reilly book about VoIP. My main question was "was there more than free phone calls" , and it would seem there is :-) I will pay close attention to the forum's ! Thanks for the constructive help :-) Regards Stampie.
  17. Shit , sorry, I don't mean payoff in a financial sense of the word , stuff that ! No I mean is it fun , is there a payoff in terms of the fun you can have for the effort you put in. I have looked at a lot of tut's , mostly pretty old, which in itself ain't bad as a bit of history goes a long way, any idea's as to a good book as to how the phone system works ? I have gone as far as the CCNA so, just looking to expand my brain a bit :-) I am sorry if you misunderstood my intention's , my fault ! Actually I see a lot of crossover with computer's in the protocols, etc . Does look like fun .
  18. Thanks for the links , downloading some file's now ! I understand the "hacking ain't about one thing" , I've been at it a while now and never hacked hotmail :-) Just not too sure what phreaking is about therefore I am ignorant of what lies beyond making free phone call's ! Thank's for your reply.
  19. If your goin to switch distro everytime you run into a problem , your goin to run out of distro's pretty quick ! Took me month's to work out all ( well most ) of the problem's I had with FreeBSD, I stuck with it, it stuck with me, we get on very well now :-) The hacker spirit don't have the word "quit" in it !