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  1. Hey isn't Pie Linux a RHEL clone as well?
  2. all of the paths have changed on Xorg 7.0/7.1......The actuall X executable is in /usr/bin ....u might be able to link the paths ( Trick it into thinking its Xorg 6.8/6.9) Have a look here.....most of this should apply to any distro
  3. Well I just dual boot Arch Linux and Ubuntu When I want ease of use I boot Ubuntu When I want to get behind the glitz and do some work....I boot up Arch
  4. I believe that if you have to use "ndiswrapper" the hardware is broken........hardware manufacturers need to start supporting Linux
  5. the "script" command can do it for ya
  6. I believe Caldera was SCO's old linux (lol Linux!!)distro. Maybe try one other linux distro's
  7. anyone??
  8. I'm just configured a new generic kernel for my laptop (Arch Linux......give this a try! very nice distro!) The seems to be no option for AMD Sempron Processor....I see just about everything but Sempron. I went ahead and picked (K8) based processor. Now my cpufreq is no longer working (unsupported cpu). The default Arch kernel used Pentium Pro....which worked....but I just want to get all I can get out of the AMD Sempron. Any Ideas? Acer Aspire 3005WLCi AMD Sempron 3300+
  9. PCLinuxOS is pretty easy (Windows Like)
  10. I just hit you up
  11. XFCE works for me
  12. Gentoo is not just for experienced users. It has the absolute best documentation for Linux of all the distros. I was just about Linux "green" starting with gentoo. I just followed the docs and was able to pick up just fine. However I did get tired of the eternal compiles. After a few distro hops, I landed on Arch Linux...(binary and source distro, whatever you decide). Gentoo is not a bad start... You will learn Linux very quickly. All in all ....all of the distros are good.
  13. I liked this one when I was running windows netveda
  14. So Far so good
  15. just a few weeks ago Moms called me again to fix her computer (M$) I finally said "This is it!" and promptly got her on Kubuntu. The only thing I had to really teach was was that C:\ is now / A:\ is now /media/floppy and cdrom is now /media/dvd KDE 3.5 WINE + IE... for those IE only funky sites. OpenOffice Firefox HP psc1210 all in one printer using cups hplip driver with hp-tools to manage it......(HP did a nice job here for linux) pretty much all she needs without all the constant maintenance