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  1. smoke meth 24/7!

  3. where's teh gay!
  4. Sounds to me the file descriptor is not being initialized do to bad file path perhaps. This could be do to several reasons, i'd have to see some code to know what's going on.
  5. See, i view the problem of helping noobs as a parallel to giving aid to the middle east/africa. Statistics show that every time relief is given to these countries, the demand is increased proportional(and sometimes double)to the amount of relief given. That being said, to summarize this you help someone a little they will want a lot more. This has been another service announcement by DigiD

  7. If you're referring to me, then you are wrong... And people still hate on tron? LOL, isn't that guy dead already. I remember talking to him several times, does anyone remember tron toons! hahaha god memories.
  8. Hey whitesword, do you remember me? I was the homosexual, loved by all. WRONG! I am the homosexual loved by all. HI DIGID! DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN WE WOULD HAVE THOSE LONG CONVERSATIONS? I MISS THEM! Ah yes, sounds like me i'm fond of those long conversations. Maybe you dorks can take a break from your little phones and talk philosophy sometime!
  9. Hello, i use to be the asshole known as DigiD! I dont think i've talk to you before, but who knows... I'll see you guys on the socal later if you're on...
  10. I would suggest learning *nix variant os before moving onto untaring and gunzip. Although, winrar should open these compression formats... I suspect you wont know what to do after viewing the contents. This has been an educational service announcement brought to you by DigiD
  11. YaY! I can't wait to say HIIIIII Hey whitesword, do you remember me? I was the homosexual, loved by all.
  12. Seriously who needs to "crack" md5's when rainbow tables exist.... Unless you know all passwords are over 13 characters, or they are salted just use rainbow tables. Yes, its big and cumbersome to download, but all your passwords are belong to them, seriously.... You know, i been out of it for awhile, and i'm still surprised people ask these mundane questions. Most md5's are salted now anyways, so that makes all the previous crackers antiquated.
  13. Whassup people, so i was bored at 3am and decided to search for the socal bridge number. I found it here along with same names i recognize. I also found i had registered here and forgot about it. Anyways, hope to talk soon, tah tah....
  14. A c++ decompiler? You are right no such thing exist. Decompilers are not language dependent, they will give the mnemonics of the program nothing more(regardless of language and assuming it follows the PE standards in execution). Once a program is compiled you can only see the instructions it passes to the processor. If you want a niffty real-time decompiler use ollydbg(my personal favorite). I suggest reading up on PE standards before jumping into this. Its rather hard to reverse-engineer programs(especially if you are trying to exploit the program). If you are making a crack then should be fairly easy(if you understand the fundementals of memory addressing).
  15. hrm, i can't help but feel microsoft is intentionally backdoored. i'm sure it will be found sooner or later.