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  1. Found a new fast web based proxy to use at work or school http://facebookatwork.tk
  2. how scary! ya i figured someone would find out where it is. its on a large school...a school with the best football team in the united states. ;)

  3. love library eh? I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

  4. Just move it to a folder. yourwebsite.com/not-live/
  5. That is the worst advice I've ever heard. Yes of course you need to brush up your web dev skills if people are asking you to do stuff, that's common sense.
  6. There definitely isn't enough posts for a cisco themed forum, however a networking forum might work. Although a lot of those types of posts usually end up in Nubie HQ.
  7. I have a Thinkpad 600X, 366mhz but something with the linux kernel limits it to 97mhz. I've looked all over and never found a solution. I know of a few other people with the same problem. ymmv
  8. Check this out, might find something you like. http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/c/267...ch-Sensors.aspx
  9. All that stuff is amateur/HAM radio. I said CB. The best I could find was this site: http://packet.red-heat.com/ Yet it doesn't mention the USA.
  10. Does anyone know the legality of packet over cb in the states? There is so little information on this, I couldn't find anything.
  11. Wordpress isn't so bad if you keep it up to date.
  12. I might be able to make it this year, woot.
  13. 1





  14. afaik, there isn't one planned. I haven't heard otherwise.
  15. Search in the hardware hacking section, there is a bit of talk in there. Even though I chose the AVR route, I can't say about basic PIC stuff, but do simple things like blinking LEDs, learn to use motors, etc, etc, etc. See: hackaday.com instructables.com or any of the how-to sites online for project ideas