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  1. It's a club/Bar. LOL Ha! That it is! I've had that number for some time. Guess that I should have checked to make sure that it still went to At&t payphone services. LMAO That would've helped.
  2. It's a club/Bar. LOL
  3. Nevermind
  4. Seems a lil iffy to me. I mean look at column 3: Click through Ads Earn points by clicking through ads. The ads are updated often, so there are always more opportunities to earn additional 1888callfree.com free calling points. Sounds a lil like the free ipod links where they're like oh you can get a free ipod but you gotta complete one of these offers.
  5. Ok month old i know but gotta Represent St. louis.
  6. 1-800-934-7367: Some dude wants you to leave him a weird message. 1_800_934_7367.wav
  7. If ya'll get a conference together let me know.
  8. Thank ya for that info, and i'll try that # out.
  9. In the words or Leeroy Jenkins, "Lets Do This!"
  10. Damn that article got boring after a while.
  11. Sweet new show. Thanks Alot guys.
  12. Yep just playin around.
  13. LMAO Sounds like it.