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  1. I have 2 WRT's running WRT here. One acts as a wireless client, connecting to far away wifi network. The other gets internet access from the first access point through its wan port, and effectively repeats the signal. Added bonus is that your machines are completely seperate from his!
  2. KeePass ftw
  3. Happy Birthday

  4. As Thespis said, its already encrypted. Just join each of your machines to your hamachi network, and they'll all be able to communicate securely using whatever protocol you want. No need for VPN or SSH tunneling!
  5. dunno where the hell you get your info from and i suppose your using windows 3.1 with a p3 800mhz cpu and 90w psu i could not afford your spec so sticking with obselete things and xp or vista He means AMD doesn't make Socket 939 CPUs anymore. They stopped over a year ago now. It was replaced with Socket AM2 (which has 940 pins). I'm personally having a hard time finding a dual core 939 to upgrade my desktop with (Should of done it a year ago!)
  6. They can block SSH traffic, though. Use SSH on a non standard port.
  7. Well that seems to have fixed it
  8. Try reinstalling the package for gstreamer. Assuming you use ALSA for your sound card, I would do this: apt-get install --reinstall gstreamer0.10-alsa If you use ALSA, also try running 'alsaconf' again. It will go through a ncurses interface leading to the reload of the ALSA drivers on your system. Here is a link to all things gstreamer in the Debian Repos: http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords...=mozilla-search (just in case you need to know the name of another package.) Yeah, I use Alsa. I think I might of found the problem.. I did move my computer, so I'll check to see if the card is dislodged! Thanks!
  9. I'd think so, as I said, i turned off the computer one day, turned it on the next, and it doesn't work! I understand how to use modprobe, but how do I find out what module I actually need to check for?
  10. Please define "murged", and maybe "enflish" while you're at it! EDIT: I did a quick bit of research... So basically, they didn't "merge" the games. They swapped some of the car models, and changed a couple of missions. You could probably get the cars from any GTA fan site, and install them yourself...
  11. So I turn on my Debian Etch box this morning, and my sound card has stopped working. Everything was fine yesterday, but today, I dunno. I've only been using Linux for a few months, and haven't got the faintest idea of where to look! The exact error is: Any ideas?
  12. I set myself up a squid caching proxy for my network, although I haven't set it up to be remotely accessible (no need for my purposes). Quick question: What OS will you be running the proxy on? If Linux, Squid is probably the best way to go. You can probably get it from your distro's package manager. On Windows, I do not know. Perhaps someone else will be able to point you in the right direction to a suitable proxy server. As for external access, just forward the port you choose through your router to the server, and it'll accessible outside. Be careful though, you don't want people freeloading off your proxy. You'll probably want to enable some sort of authentication on the proxy, to prevent that kind of thing. As I said, I'm not entirely sure of all the considerations that should be made for external access. I'm sure, again, someone here will be able to enlighten us both!
  13. That Asterisk section was just what I needed get myself started Cheers!
  14. I concur, Silence on the Wire is a really good read.