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  1. Thank you all for your help an opinions i actually managed to get him back an he came knocking on the door bent out of shape a bit because my netbook was running some program that a friend of mine installed it cracked his wifi an pretty much locked him out im checking out the items you all mentioned because i am great with windows phones an rooting them for mods so i want to learn this new area thank you guys for your help it. Sorry it took me so long to reply back but i had an emergency that came up
  2. i actually work for a cell compay an unlocking iphones an windows phones are a huge pain its not just the fact they are charging to get a 6-8 pin code but you have to manually change firmware an all i have a windows phone 7 unlocked from at&t to any carrier i want i can send pics if you like so i can show you proof of the unlock my brother has the new iphone 5 from sprint we unlocked to simple mobile yes it is GSM but if you have any questions on how to flash or unlock phones i will gladly answer them to the best of my ability my email adress is
  3. So technically out of this thread of what im getting is that Siri (iphone) or (ziggy) windows phone is an A.I. in its own way but you must tell it what to do before it can act. last time i looked at anything with "A.I." features it had a crude "thought" process an could act on its own within limits of its programming it just confused me on how it was stated so if im wrong please let me know
  4. ]true but same point an time i want to slow him down a bit so he realizes he isnt the only one who can get away with it i can get wep cracked all day just this wpa2 psk so im trying to crack is like trying to run up a river with a 100lb rock tied to ya lol
  5. im a tit for tat kind of person ours keeps getting cracked so i figured why keep going through changing passwords when i can hijack his wifi like he does mine
  6. I need good help on how to crack wpa2-psk wifi fast an efficient due to the fact the one i am hacking/cracking is also the same guy who uses our wifi for his xbox360 when we are on playing mw3 killing our connection our causing extreme lag any help on this would be well appreciated