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    "SO...<br />Catch!" calls the Gates-ler.<br />He lets something fall.<br />"It's a Linux CD.<br />It's the last one of all!<br />You're in charge of the last of the custom PCs.<br />And custom PCs are what everyone needs.<br />Install a new system. Treat it with care.<br />A nice funny mousemat and shiny hardware.<br />Grow a small network, use Unix! use Mac!<br />Then the Linux<br />and all of his friends<br />may come back."
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  1. Dugg, baznitches.
  2. Well, I finally got the installer to work. The only problem is, it crashes about 80% through and tells me I need to try to install again. Really lame.
  3. Well, I found a solution for installing under VMWare, but it won't work. I need to allow it to write to the physical hard drive, but it won't detect it because it isn't SCSI. The physical drive is IDE. I don't know what to do!
  4. I am trying to install an OS and it needs the DVD drive to be the master. IT isn't about the boot order. Read up about master/slave drives.
  5. I have an HP Pavilion zv6000 laptop. I urgently need to change the master drive from the hard drive to the DVD drive without voiding the warranty. Does anyone have the answer? I have looked, trust me. I still am. --- More info: I am on Windows XP SP2 The HDD is on the primary IDE channel The DVD drive is on the secodary
  6. May I ask why? Maybe you fight screw it up. I don't know.
  7. Oh, I'm pining for Binrev. You are a super sleuth
  8. IRC

    On Win32,
  9. Still wanting to know
  10. Where can one get this reader?
  11. MediaWiki article to DokuWiki converter The best I could find.
  12. Ever consider setting up a server on your localhost? XAMPP?
  13. What computer isn't Linux friendly?
  14. I have used XAMPP ever since I started web design and development.