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  1. Did I miss something? Has the server changed or is it offline permanently? Looks like it's been down for a few weeks now.
  2. This is what it's all about http://otp22.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
  3. I was searching the VHF low band on my PRO-39 scanner (R.I.P.) early one summer morning for some skip when I encountered an audio feed of an Australian announcer giving the play-by-play of a horse race. I did some research and found the race was indeed in Australia! This was in the mid 1990s and I was using a simple dipole cut to length for that band (well, 46 mHz....wonder what that was for).
  4. Have you tried Jason Scott? He would be one of the most likely to have have some leads.
  5. Amen! Oh, but it's from Europe so it's got to be better than anything we've ever tasted, even if it tastes like camel piss.
  6. It will optional in the same sense that paying Federal Income Tax is voluntary. Mandatory volunteerism!
  7. I've done this before from Opera Mobile 10. I'm pretty sure this is how I did it: 1) In Opera Mobile, load about:config in the address bar. 2) Scroll down and open the Proxy section. 3) In the HTTP Server field, enter "" 4) Scroll down a little further and make sure the check the "Use HTTP" box. 5) Be sure to scroll down and click on Save. You should maybe consider trying out Token2Shell Mobile. It's much more stable, finger friendly, and full of more features than PocketPutty.
  8. Damn, where are you finding all these good deals? Around here people are selling crusty old 23 channel CBs for $100+. BTW, that PRO-164 has Signal Stalker, which would be my main reason for wanting one.
  9. So....is the new BinRev Radio another show that's now stalled and been put on the back burner? There hasn't been a new show in a while. Also, it doesn't seem that any of the changes Stankdawg talked about have yet happened with the site? Is there still a "merger" of sorts coming with that other security site/forum?
  10. Darn. It was a useful tool, especially once I registered on of my numbers as a business. Now the question is how long until Google begins limiting and/or charging for outgoing calls on Google Voice? I see a repeat of what happened with a lot of internet sites and services once they moved from the 90s into the 2000s -- they either began charging for their previously free services, or they shut down altogether.
  11. This reminds me of yesterday, I stopped by a Taco Bell and went through the drive through. There was a "black screen of death" on the order screen, mentioning something about a 333MHz Celeron CPU and an invalid boot disk. Doesn't Verifone make the new touch-screen ordering equipment for Taco Bell? Hmm...it would figure.
  12. You're right, you're not just imagining it. I recall a handful of commercials back in the day that were advertising 855 toll free numbers.
  13. First there was wardialing, then came wardriving, and now in 2010 there will be warcharging. People will be sitting around with banks of batteries hooked up to Cantennas and WiFi parabolic reflectors, or walking/driving through the city to leech free electricity. Well, we can always dream!
  14. Yes....and yes.... LOL
  15. Who hasn't always wanted to know how they can "disguise" themselves by making a fake rash?