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  1. You're right, its not for my own prog. I think I haven't been clear as to what I need. I'm not looking to disguise an app from a user. I want to prevent one process from being able to see another, or vice versa. Some software is written so that other processes cannot interact with it by hiding the fact that it is even running. Actually many PC games do this to prevent memory modifications, ie cheating. Is there any software out there that can replicate this?
  2. I'm in the need of a windows program that allows me to change a currently running program's visibility to another. I saw this sort of thing a few days ago on the net, but I didn't bookmark the site, and no amount of googling has successfully found it again. Can anyone recommend a program to me?
  3. No codes, if thats what you're asking. The only beeping he got was a bad seating. Also, the computer had been showing signs of overheating as well. Possible the last overheat damaged the mobo or memory?
  4. XP Pro, but he isn't running an install/upgrade. This just decided to happen outa nowhere. Update: He pulled out his memory and tested it in different slots. 2x256, tested each solo in the #1 and #2 slots. In each case, the computer wouldn't even POST. So now I'm thinking that it's bad memory. But would this explain the alternating text case?
  5. One of my buddies is having the strangest problem with his computer. I dont know the specs, but I'm not sure they matter with this one. Basically, it POSTs, but as soon as the windows xp splash comes up, the computer black screens, and just sits there and stares at him. The strange part though, is that all the text he sees during POST has really screwey formatting. The case alternates per letter, LiKe ThIs. Has anyone heard of this before? I'm totally at a loss here. Thinking a bios problem, does that make sense? Any help/suggestions are much appreciated.
  6. Batch file with the following: REG ADD KeyName [/v ValueName] [/t Type] [/s Separator] [/d Data] /f the /f is required for silent modding, basically /force So... @ECHO off REG ADD HKLM\Software\MyCo /v Data /t REG_BINARY /d 1 /f
  7. The same test was there? Cuz it's been a long time...
  8. Me to friend's whore GF: Hey, have you been working out?! You must be half as thin as you used to be! GF: Aww honey thats so sweet of you!
  9. The ISPs have no ability(legal or otherwise) to control another country's access to the interweb. Because there is no guarantee that a website they want to limit bandwidth to is hosted by a box on American soil, ISPs would be forced to limit the download speeds of said websites. So, in very simplistic terms, they would probably have a file with a list of 'blacklisted' websites. Then, any site that you request would be checked against the blacklist. If it exists in the list, they make sure it takes a few hours to download (ok maybe thats an exaggeration). And even if the box is on American soil, I'm not sure that they would limit upstream speeds, because what if someone from Canada wants access to that site? I'm not up and up on the whole legality of it, but this is how it makes most sense to me. So no one country could ever hold the reigns. edit:spelling
  10. How does he run with balls that big? Lucky they weren't caught on the barbed wire.
  11. Whoa....so that means all the rich prude bastards out there could block my access to internet PORN? NOOOOOOOOES!!!
  12. Pretty Good Privacy Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PGP
  13. I think Java is a great starting language. It's free, object oriented, and has great documentation. Easy to get help with too. http://java.sun.com/
  14. lmao thats funny
  15. Isn't Cain able to capture VoIP calls? www.oxid.it