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  1. Anyone know the codes to this phone or a samsung sph-620/VGA1000? Need to change out a number on the audiovx
  2. anyone?
  3. only thing ive came across is audicity and bitpim
  4. no apps i can find
  5. Im just getting into the whole cell phreaking crap. Anyone direct me to any good apps so that i can transfer programs/backgrounds/tunes via datalink cable from my pc to my phone. Also anyone experienced with this phone and know any good hacks, especially ones to increase the speed. Local carrier is alltel, phone is an Audiovox 8410. Any help is much appreciated. swank
  6. Im in need of the listing of 2 CA Cell Phone Numbers. 1st) Carrier is Bell Mobility 2nd) Carrier is TELUS Mobility As well if anyone can pull some dox on a few scammers out of Montreal and Quebec CA. Ive got alot of information on them both but so far some of which ive pulled myself doesnt match up. This is a very serious matter and Id appreciate all the help i can get. Thanks, Swank
  7. Yea did anyone find that?? I really want it. I have had no luck looking either.
  8. Spun = fucked up on meth Common term associated with tweakers.
  9. Appears Bittorent is no longer safe. A buddy of mine was served a letter from the DMCA for a movie he downloaded.
  10. I just got all my volumes along with a cd version yesterday.
  11. Welcome.
  12. Im not very far from IL either.
  13. kinda? The outlaws and angels show *WAS* utter bullshit! I stick to that. White hats are only the "security experts" that work for companies trying to stop the hackers "black hats" fuck that! Not all hackers are black hats and since the majority of computer attacks come from the inside, that doesn;t exactly scream WHITE hat, now does it? Grey Hats
  14. I use Bittorrent++(windows gui) and i still hate torrent sharing, slow.. slow and yea sloww!!!, pain in the ass. By the time the shit is done downloading i could have hit up kazaa, google and irc and have found what i was looking for.