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  1. This sounds similar to the program at my old high school, or at least the engineering part. Ours was a four-year high school curriculum that consisted of both hardware and software classes. I'm not too sure of what the classes entailed exactly (I was in a different program entirely), but I know that when you graduated from the program, you were A+ hardware and software certified, and had the opportunity to take some other certification exams (for CCNA and stuff) at reduced fees. It's an appealing alternative to kids who want to work right out of high school instead of going on to more school, and also as a fall-back option should college not go so well. Not to mention you can apply the credits you earn toward a 2- or 4-year degree. Basically, fewer kids wandering aimlessly unemployed or from one joe job to the next. Overall it was a great program, and I always asked myself why it wasn't offered everywhere in my state. Part of me thinks it is limited by the government's "omg haxorz" paranoia, and the unwillingness to fund that which is not football in some high schools. EDIT: Oh, and we also had an unrelated programming class, and it was total garbage. The title of the class may as well have been Age of Empires.
  2. KDE Desktop is better for people who are used to Windows and *nix noobs, but Gnome is more stable and faster I think.
  3. Come on baby...I'm the dawg! I don't go to the strip clubs...I bring the strip clubs to me! oic I'll remember that next time you're in town
  4. Actually that was right after I got diagnosed with diabetes and I wasn't feeling like it. That, and I wanted to save you the trouble of sneaking me and Exvitel into a strip club. We're only 17 after all...
  5. So how did the meeting turn out? I couldn't make it because I was out bombing embassies with Dell laptop batteries. Was there free stuff? Lectures? PIE?!
  6. I got one as a gift and I got one solder done and tried to start the second when half of the tip chipped off and you have to buy a new one for $19... Coldheats are horrible Forget the Coldheat Soldering Iron. They suck. For the same price you can go to Home Depot and get a Butane powered Weller Iron that works 100% better. I also heard that those Coldheat soldering irons spark too. Really bad for electronic related stuff. Mine not only sparks, it spits flames and sings the blues.
  7. Is it possible to locate someone by dialing his dns server?
  8. 813

    I've been really busy, sorry I couldn't make the last few meetings. Homework piles up, especially with 2 AP classes... Anyway, I'll try to be there in the future with some project ideas.
  9. 813

    Also, if anyone has any 'toys' or any junk they wanna get rid of, bring it to the meetings and someone is bound to take it. Exvitel was getting all hot in his pants when he saw that big box of modems and phones and stuff. Please, think of the children.
  10. check incodenet.com and see what they have. That's where one of my dad's old co-workers got a writer.
  11. What about SQL injections?
  12. You can also SE with heavy objects and various kitchen tools.
  13. Dude, what the fuck. It should be a crime to be so ignorant. Octal, you are a disgrace. Hang your head in shame.
  14. Bell system? I prefer pony express. Nice sticker though.
  15. I thought one of the main points of the Binary Revolution was to show that the word "hacker" is not synonymous with "asshole" and to try and remove the negative stigma attached to hacking. You people are doing exactly the opposite with these MySpace hacks and stuff. Why do you mess with people who have done nothing to you? What reason could you possibly have for stealing other peoples' information? Is it simply because you can? Is it that you have a personal dislike of myspace.com and are taking it out on its members? Or are you just a bunch of liberal pussies who feel like you can do anything you like? Some hacks actually have a practical purpose, and some can even be beneficial, but this is just pointlessly malicious. Try and do something productive for once, dickwads.