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  1. Even though it was a just look back, it was still pretty cool. I was sort of unplugged from the world of phreaking for some months, but after hearing this, I feel like getting back into it. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Default Radio!
  2. You might want to look into the START command: http://www.computerhope.com/starthlp.htm
  3. I thought whitepages.com or superpages.com allowed this. I know one of them did a few years ago.
  4. This story is bound to be an instant classic!
  5. You know, I don't quite remember how I found it. I must have been searching Google for Phreaking related forums. However, I do remember that there were *very* few registered users at the time that I found it.
  6. Didn't Default Radio already clarify this?
  7. There's a classified ad in the back of 2600 (pg. 58 of the Fall 2006 issue) for someone selling them. They want $100.00 for one.
  8. I understand the original poster has a desktop system as well. I don't know how to restore Admin access, but I can tell you how to get your files back: 1. Go out and buy a USB floppy drive and a Parallel File Transfer Cable such as this one. 2. On a computer with a working internet connection, download NTFS4DOS and File Maven (both freeware). 3. Create the NTFS4DOS boot disk. 4. Create an MS-DOS boot disk. You can get one from www.bootdisk.com. This disk will be used for the desktop PC (assuming that it has a floppy drive). 5. After you have created both the NTFS4DOS and MS-DOS boot disks, copy the File Maven executables to both boot disks. 6. Connect the Parallel File Transfer cable to the parallel ports of both computers. 7. Boot the laptop with the NTFS4DOS boot disk in the USB floppy drive. 8. After NTFS4DOS boots on the laptop, launch File Maven and set it to act as a host on the parallel port. 9. Boot your desktop PC with the MS-DOS boot disk in the floppy drive. 10. After the MS-DOS boot disk boots on the desktop, launch File Maven, and have it connect to the laptop via parallel port. From here, you should be able to transfer the files you need from your screwed up laptop to your desktop PC. You might not be able to gain Admin access again, but hey, it's better than nothing! Oh yeah, if cost is an issue for the USB floppy drive and file transfer cable, I would just buy them, transfer my files, and return the drive and cable for a refund. Dishonest? Perhaps, but if you're in a bind, then I say go for it.
  9. I found something similar to this while backspoofing local numbers earlier this year. I came across a number in which the CNAM read 'W,NCR FM XMTR.' When I called it, it was a modem carrier, and it dropped to a menu driven interface that allows someone to view and make changes to (what I am guessing is) the XMTR. It had no authentication at all. 'WNCR' is a local radio station, I believe. These things are all over the place; you just need to scan.
  10. Evidently, he's still around because his forum profile shows he was last active on Oct 22.
  11. I think he means as in when you recieve a call and it appears on the Caller ID readout as "Out of Area." As for tracing them, I don't see why *57 wouldn't be able to work on OOA calls.
  12. Someone please tell me this is a joke. They even typed it in caps and everything!
  13. Nah, ThoughtPhreaker is right, it was some weird tone. I called it myself last night.
  14. Cascading Style Sheets maybe?