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  1. yea, i used chrome for about a good 5 minutes when it first came out... did they fix it, cause it completely sucked balls... nearly every video that i attempted to load (streaming DiVX mostly) failed to work - completely unacceptable for a HTPC to not be able to play back media.. and i am a little confuzzled about what your PC being a quad core has to do with the amount of ram that it uses, nor what significance that has to the question why FF uses so much of the CPU? its much better now (imo) then it was when it first came out, havent encountered a problem with it yet, it works much faster than FF ever did it has no direct correlation to my pc specs i was only trying to say that FF is able to eat up incredible amounts of resources (cpu and ram)
  2. you should give chrome a try. I've been firefox fan for years but chrome really is faster. i've a pretty high end machine (quad core, 6gb ram) so it doesnt really bother me that much if firefox is eating up 1gb ram (which is pretty common) but lately i've been using chrome more and more. Thing thats so resource hungry is flash, but web without flash these days isnt web at all. Lets hope html5 will come into play soon
  3. this is soo true, and its fucking terrible. Sometimes i just wish to cut someone apart with blu ray laser
  4. have you considered HUDs for display? ( ) not exactly for watching movies, but for gps and other data it should do, and its much less distracting while driving
  5. I'm trying to get this old ademco alarm working, but i have couple problems due to lack of documentation. Thing thing is at least 10years old, probably more , but it was fully functional when we last used it. It was not in use for around two years, and now its not really working "useful" markings i found: n6505v2, n6505v1 and one you can see in the attachment or here I couldnt google out anything useful, every mark i found on it lead me to some other dead end. Results keep pointing me towars glass breaking sensors and fire alarms, non of which is this, yet the numbers seem to match. If anyone has any good clues or knowledge about old ademco alarms i'd be very thankful. I dont want to waste money on a new one yet.
  6. which makes no difference, laptop is rightfuly his, and ppl that buy stolen shit usually know its stolen, or they will have to prove otherwise in europe isp's are required by law to storage all kinds of info on the user(way past what they need to bill someone), dunno how it is in us, but i'm sure every isp has at least the simplest logs as in what user(client) had a certian ip at a certian time, which is more than enough assuming theif wasnt on a public ap or smthn, tho by the fact that he is still using the laptop in the same state as he stole in he isnt exactly the brightest thing under the sun
  7. configuring router will take you 15mins at most, which is A LOT less than you would spend or you already did trying to crack it did you check for default passwords? maybe noone changed it
  8. how much do you want for it?
  9. this will be a nice addition to my library
  10. depends on the mood, tho most times (psy) trance or rock(preferably old)
  11. great! thanks for sharing :> free download day totally killed codeweavers server, first only downloads&registration was offline, now the entire page is
  12. this is a great site for gettin information and look, rs232 pinout as a first hit. if you want to get into hardware hacking you sure will have to put some more effort in it than just runnig some kiddie script. You have to study electronics, reverse engineering etc if you really want to get into this. you wont find some short tutorial that will make you master at this, it takes a lot of experience and studying to be good with electronics
  13. i am from one of the ex-yu countrys, but i think that there is not many people from around here, and those that we are we are mostly spread around entire balkan - it would be tough to organise a meeting if people are 3 countrys away from its place
  14. here is a nice site for those who want to get cisco certs or just want to improve their knowledge about networking
  15. not only small electronic components needs good organisation, also i have lots of problems with cables 'n shit, there is just not enough place for everything, so my cables soon get stuffed somewhere and its a real mess when you are in a need of something