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  1. Not these apparently; http://www.docdroppe...kyo,_Japan_Scan http://www.oldskoolp...njuku_tokyo.txt I actually had a particularly interesting moment calling +81-22-717-9999. At first, it sounded like an unusual echo test, so I started saying stuff and pressing touchtones for the hell of hearing it echo back from Japan. Then, a conversation between two people in Japanese appears out of the blue. The two of them were both heavily vocoderized, perhaps on satellite phones. One of them happened to press *, so for the sake of experimenting, I pressed it too. And they both vanished. I tried pressing whatever I could, but nothing I could think to try would make whatever this is react again. Incidentally, I found out later this number is located in Sendai, which is about as close to the epicenter of the quake as you could hope to get. It's very possible that something was going very, very wrong, but it also seems like there'd have to be a damn good reason for them disappearing when I pressed * . If you want to look for ranges to explore, the best way in my opinion is to get the city code first, and use that in a google search. For example, 599 is the city code for Toba, so if you want to find valid landline ranges there, you'd search for this; Good luck . I'll see what I can dig up myself. Sendai is very close. I have read that Yamamoto-cho is closer, but it is not as easy to find numbers for this village.
  2. Hmm... wonder what ranges would be good to scan? I have been calling different fax machines in NE Japan to hear different intercept recordings. Of course not speaking Japanese hinders this a bit.
  3. Correct me if im wrong but it looks like (1-800-980-PHAD) does not need you to register but only makes calls within the USA. is the same thing but you need to register and it makes international calls. So far, I have made a few calls and no ads yet. I do not know if the ads are just random, determined by your number (caused an ANI fail on my calls to their 800 number), or what. This service can definitely be useful when a cell phone is dead, etc.
  4. Correct me if im wrong but it looks like (1-800-980-PHAD) does not need you to register but only makes calls within the USA. is the same thing but you need to register and it makes international calls. Refer to the post below. I am a newb to the new forum.
  5. I believe that is because many providers do not publish the account holders name as the CNAM data. So, instead, it shows the switch city and state info or the wireless companies name.
  6. Yeah, I thought about signing up for something like My Faves and adding my Google Voice number as one of my "faves". RPM, how is that going for you? I assume that you mean you have done this.
  7. When I was about 14 I used to plug an old trimline phone into the neighbor's TNI box before I knew what beige boxing was. I did not like my brother's friends so I used to kill the phone line (they needed the phone and would leave if it was not working) to force them to leave the house and I would head over to the neighbor's and plug in the trimline to make calls.
  8. Nope, calls to the US are free. The international rates are pretty decent, but I have not been able to get any to connect yet. It would help if I called numbers where people would actually pick up. Maybe I shall try some hotels in Rome just to see what the voice quality is like.
  9. I have and I like the new features. The international calling rates seem to be pretty good. I am going to make some calls to test the call quality.
  10. I too was looking forward to this for the SMS support. It seems to work nicely. You can also make outbound calls to anywhere in the US for free from your Google Voice mailbox and the outbound caller ID is automatically spoofed to be the Google Voice number.
  11. Beware because Phone Validator is not accurate if the number has been ported.
  12. And with GSM, not sure about CMDA, you can set the phone to only send to this service when you reject a call. So you can use whatever voicemail service you want to every other call.
  13. i once worked at a convenience store that used the street address as the code. It is sad but true.
  14. I know most GSM phones have an icon that indicates that you have a new message. T-Mobile used to send a test message to let you know, but it has been changed to an icon that is displayed on the handset until you listen to the message.
  15. The site will not send out Amber Alerts unless you click that you agree to the terms and conditions. I only use the site to verify the wireless carrier and never to spam people. I cannot speak for anyone else.