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  1. accessdiver: common exploiter, bruteforce, and proxyleecher/scanner. A bit sluggish when slammed with 10,000+ proxies but overall it works good. Charon v0.5.3: developed by Rhino from deny.de,this is the ultimate proxy scanner in my opinion. Rhino has coded alot of good apps in the past and keeps them updated. Proxy Checker Pro: from hell-labs. a solid application that has alot of versatility. they have a free version for download, but the pro version has an assload more options. * just be careful when scanning IP ranges for open ports and proxies, some ISP's arent too friendly towards that. If you do decide to scan do it randomly and not at high rates.
  2. yea they supposedly suspended the production of that since people started suing them isnt there another topic about this in general hacking..
  3. yes you are correct
  4. cool, all it needs is a few healthy posts on ue!
  5. poor fella. give him a break guys!
  6. yea that guys is a major pain in the ass slit.
  7. Total ownage visit here and read..just register what you want and then watch it come up on tv ;P http://www.thewolfweb.com/message_topic.as...c=180137&page=1
  8. I stumbled on this while doing a whois search. Not sure if anyone can use it...but hell, information..is information. hxxp://vdate.net/database/refine_data.txt hxxp://vdate.net/ browse around, not much else there except for some email-spam texts and php files. Most of the emails are located overseas.
  9. nice site! :voteyes:
  10. gotta love this "underground" extension. :pissleft: :eat:
  11. mine just came..wewt
  12. verizon
  13. South Carolina- about 40mins from Charlotte, NC.
  14. glad to see not everyone in politics has their head stuck up bush's ass