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  1. I think you would need to dump the file first with pwdump2 than drop that into C&A and bruteforce or dictionary attack the dump. Or APR poison the network and sniff the password, which is prolly a lot easier.
  2. Well I would recommend hitting up the local library and getting a copy of any O'Rielly books on Windows XP. Basically learn what you are using before you move on to Linux or another OS. A good site for xp is
  3. If you are looking for a site that's more geared towards the original meaning of hacker - a programmer - I would recommend Legion of Ethical Hacking,
  4. Taken from the radio page ← Er. That should tell me to read the pages more carefully. Thankee, much appreciated. I thought that was the policy but wasn't certain and haven't read that Creative Commons Liscense yet.
  5. Didn't think of it that way. Its hard for me to say what someone should learn as their first language. I learned binary, good old hard coded 1's and 0's back in the day. Which I still have nightmares about. From there I learned BASIC which was my first real serious programming, but BASIC is... well, BASIC. Good for some things, crappy for most. Java is good IF the person you are writing apps for has run time, otherwise... I would say my personal opinion on a first language would be a scripting language in BASH. If using Windows, I would probably go with either Java for intro to OOP or VBasic for ease of use. Or ASM, if you can master that nothing'll stand in your way! Including sanity.
  6. Oddly enough I first discovered BitRev Radio, and thru it HackTV and the forums. I have downloaded most of the archives, which I need to check into permission for mirroring, and intend to spend the next few days listening and watching both radio and television.
  7. Java is a good language for anyone to learn, and similar - but not the same - to several other languages. It can be difficult to pick up on, but on the plus side a lot of the programs are open source and available via VIEW -> PAGE SOURCE on pages that run Java, which'll let you view working and operation code and see what makes it tick.
  8. Hi. New to the forum, not to computers. I figured before I post anywhere else on the boards I should introduce myself first, so I am. Call myself Mad Oracle. Got into computers back in the early eighties with the old Unisys OS. It was a horror to behold especially in this point and click era we find ourselves in today. My interest in hacking is in the old sense of the word - I like to take things apart and see what makes them tick. I like to hack out code, and I like to break my own security to see why it happened and how to fix it. I believe information should be free and cryptography is a lost art. I am a walking contridiction and I like it that way. Anyway I stumbled across this place via and found myself drawn to the message advocated, so here I am.