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  1. Great episode of hpr today, learned alot about the different types of 3d printers and some of the nuances I wasnt aware of.
  2. Depends on your interests. Theres lots of info here to start some of it dated. Read as much as you can and ask questions related to your interests. Not trying to be super generic but bring up a topic/ question and I could help more.
  3. Anyone doing kaggle challanges these days? I am doing alot with python report automation for work and have been messing around with kaggle in my free time.
  4. I'm thinking about it depends on my work schedule it would be nice to see everyone again.
  5. Maybe, but i just ran into another snag, i did an update through the package manager and both network cards are disabled again and not in the same way they were before, so i'm going to have to start digging into the why. found the issue It is with the newest kernel version...
  6. Yeah for this purpose it would be home use, just trying to find some use of a small form factor, but your point is valid 32 bit support going to have it's limits of modern distros.
  7. The research i did, didn't really explain on why they were blacklisted, the weird thing is when i first used a live cd the wired ethernet worked, it was only after i did the install did that stop working. Maybe it's a bug in this version of Ubuntu, i am using the 32 bit version for this laptop because it's an old hunk of junk.
  8. i was re purposing an older Acer aspire laptop and i thought i'd try out Ubuntu on it. I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and installed it and found that both the wired and wireless nics were not working. Googling around i found this link Using the command lspci -nn i found that i had: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02) Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) Messing around in /etc/modprobe.d i found that both of these were in one of the blacklisted files which doesn't allow the driver to load. I ended up editing /etc/modprobe.d/ broadcom-b43.conf and removing the following two lines blacklist b44 blacklist b43 After a quick reboot everything worked correctly and i was able to use both wired and wireless connections. I played around with this for a few hours so i thought documenting it here might come in handy to someone else. -E
  9. Thanks i have a hacked version already running xbmc, i wanted to put a full linux distro on it to see what kind of performance i can get out of the machine if i can run a small file server off it's more desirable because i can replace one of my older bigger form factor servers. -E
  10. i'm looking into xdsl, i've run xbmc on a xbox before but just as a media center front end. It should be interesting to see a full blown desktop on an xbox.
  11. Does anyone have an original Xbox running Linux? I'm looking to make a small router/file server out of an old Xbox and was wondering what distribution other people were using? -E
  12. I've never done anything regarding postal hacking but have plenty of experinece when it comes to Postal standards. I would love to learn more about what types of hacks your eluding to. -E
  13. Man that service has been around a while. Glad I don't have use of it anymore.
  14. Perhaps that needs to change.....
  15. I don;t think i ever posted a hi binrev post and i've been a member since 05 or so It's been a while and i hope to start contributing again.