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  1. Check it out.
  2. Ah so school stuff. Is this against the rules? I think the best thing ive found all month is word. not notpad or anything else.. i know about batch files and all that but thats unimportant compaired to this. I forgot the specifics but where you choose what toolbas your doing from that checklist thing. one of those brings up a url box kinda and i deleted back to the server and veiwed a few things. But its really fun.. Hah. at my school we cant do net send much because they installed vnc servers on all computers and if hovered the icon displays the ip of the sender. But schools are intoresting...
  3. okay so i was on a chat room in yahoo and these 2 guys came in and supposedly one was ganna hack the others comp. and ets. so a few people told them a few of the basics, like port scanning and etc. so i suggested attempting to telnet into his open port(the guy found one), and the other guys said telnet is for noobs. now me being a noob cannot complain but i have also been trying to acess my friends computer with permision and cant do anything. Hah. but yeah. what is there to do to open ports besides telnet? Is this against the rules?!
  4. I was a little scetchy. My computer doesnt have the program to run the files i make. i asume that they are .bas
  5. Okay. I have been toying with basic because i decided to learn it tonight and i threw afew things to gether and im using like quick basiv 7 or somthing of the such. so after i get it all done i press make a file, and i go to where it is saved and when i open it it does the to open this windows needs to know what program created this o Seleve program from a list o Let web browser select apropreat connection for this program Prompt like thing. How do i make it into like an exe or somehting so it will work?
  6. okay i will talk to my moms friends and get them to take me (computer jobs) Thank you the link said exactly what i was looking for
  7. hmmm i would consider going to Defcon And or Hope But i think im too much a n00b. is there a HOPE website? and where will the Defcon be held?
  8. mmk i really am not looking for a way around websence.
  9. like make it start when u log in? uhm the way i do stuff like that is to write a batch for it then get a startup editor so u can add it to your boot thing, u know msconfig but it works, tell me if this is to well hazyy.... but yeah!
  10. SSH

    i tried it glitched... o.o it wouldnt let me sign up.
  11. SSH

    >> was unexpected at this time. i got to the step before this!
  12. SSH

    mmk i really am lost. so lets put it this way, mmk lets say i want my password to be meow how would i do this in openssh
  13. SSH

    yeah this is the same with me i think you edit the mkpasswd file in the colder but yeah, anyone know?
  14. SSH

    im not trying at all to do this. iv tried the ssh at school didnt work, left it there. this is my home computer. my school blocks forums such as this.. though i could get past that block(most people can) i dont want to. i really just want to know how i can do this for my own computer and it almost is irritating that im trying to get help and i get accused of this. I am trying to find out because i am in love with computers and want to have a wide range of knowledge. (edit) mmk its like ive been looking up telnet servers and such then i was told here that i should just get into ssh. this isnt for hackign school comps.
  15. i did. it was to search the forums.. i am new to BinRev if you cant tell, but i have searched. what are you implying that i search.