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  1. EDIT - blah, better not post
  2. sadly yes, you actually have to click a couple of times to run a script that has already been made for you. quit your bitchin.
  3. i heard about this going around. thx
  4. heh, Rule Number 2: Never cause destruction ok, enough of the rules, heh, he is how old? and he wasn't thinking apperently, delelte a freaking crucial file that is heavily used/relied on is just asking for trouble. you dont think they will notice it and investigate right away? heh. well what is done is done
  5. oh wow, i wonder who found this out and how they found out about it. maby it was a leak. intresting thought, i never would have thought about that method. *note to self - stop printing bomb threats to the government with personal laser computer*
  6. you girls, quit having a hissy fit. I've noticed lately a lot of schools are over exadurating. god, the crying in this world lately. btw, i used to game and all that at school too =) moved at least 50 people to play games after a day of coding. no one skipped that class then.
  7. i hope people are really intrested in this, i'm running around the house grabbing all the cash i have.
  8. hmm, cant find lucky's number! =) lol, but yea, i'd be more then happy to tip in some lunch money.
  9. in the 3rd octet, the first digit is a 2, least looks like it to me, at first i thought it was a 1 but too curvey when you compare to the other one. anywho, this is what i think it is: 317 238 2329 oh =O, looks like it's past 9, i might have to give it a ring =) man they suck at blurring =)
  10. omg, i could so three way this girl that just doesnt stop talking to santa. I swear, i said uh hu, hmm, and yea for 10 minutes and she was still going on and on and on. wish i had vonage.
  11. ahhh =*( this sucks, people bite the hand that feeds them. thanks for the time it was up. i really appreciate it.
  12. Nooo!! Oh well, great calling is still useful in many ways. Thanks for the memories =)
  13. i just tried this, and it worked fine for me. heh, so i finally ran into a phone that you have to charge/pay to use. i tried talking to the operator but he kept saying he needs an address or something to bill to...i didnt want to be mean to some poor lady's house. so i tried calling back, and back...and back. but the same guy each time. stupid local phone companies...they will go down lol
  14. oh man, i was just thinking of this too....then i come across this. I forgot all about the microwaves, I remember when i was young, my dad had a microwave like 4 ft or so away from the computer and everytime we used it, it fuzzed the monitor. how effiecent are the 2.4GHz phones? speaking of wireless stuff, i remember my firned had these radios and i was goofing around with it next to a monitor and tv, and i could hear myslef on the tv and the monitor was buzzing loudly and the image on he screen got really really small and shut off. damn, all this is coming to me now... well looks like i gotta get ahold of some old microwaves, phones, and maby radios. anyone got any other ideas? or plans.