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  1. No matter what, though, the best way to study for a test is experience. I bought A+ for Dummies, skimmed through it for a day, and passed both tests the next day. Knowing isn't half the battle, it is the battle.
  2. How about dinner meetings in Union Station? It's got a metro stop, and a *massive* food court.
  3. I'm in Bethesda, within walking distance of Metro.
  4. you suck m big blue balls

  5. That looks like those Mirra servers you find in BBY....
  6. And forget about much of a social (or family) life if you decide to actually do this. I'm not sure why exactly, but most women aren't attracted to OS programmers.
  7. 99% of what I was going to say has already been said, so I'm not going to bother typing it. The other 1% is this: /me plants tongue firmly in cheek If you're starting with a bare hard drive and an assembler, why bother with the bare hard drive? Why not create your own hard drive? While you're at it, why not your own motherboard as well? Hell, let's go crazy and see you create your own CPU architecture, motherboard, etc. etc. etc. Remember, it's all your own, no copying off anyone else! :nono: I'm sure you could learn how to do this yourself! Best of luck. /me removes tongue from cheek. :cuss: :stfu: :cuss:
  8. I know I've seen a disk image set somewhere... /me rummages through his linkbin Here we go: Windows 1.01: Windows 1.01 Bootable Disks: Windows 2.03: Windows 3.0: Windows 3.1: And here's a little other thing, since OS/2's interface, in my opinion, kicked major ass: OS/2 Workplace Shell for Windows 3.1: Remember, though: You'll need some flavor of DOS (in this case, likely MS-DOS), since those versions of Windows can't run by themselves. I recommend FreeDOS ( also.
  9. I call upon Topic Resurrection! I'm in the same school system as Merk (used to be the same school, long story), and we have exactly the same restrictions and interface. (Windows Explorer with tree listing, what the hell were they thinking?) A *very*, *very* interesting <strike>security hole</strike> feature that I've found is that you can print to any other school in the school system. (Amazingly, many people do this unknowingly, and I'm sure that it pisses the admins off.) I'm thinking of a makeshift messaging system, perhaps using some kind of code that looks like plain English? Also, I was one of the kids that was questioned about the tape head, that's proof enough to me that the administration is made entirely of idiots. That and the questions they were asking. Methinks its not going to be forgotten soon.