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  1. Write a new driver for the mouse. Joking... Windows can only do so much. It provides a basic driver to handle the most mundane functions. Check the manufacturers website for better mouse drivers. I had a Razor Gaming mouse that once the third party drivers were installed they gave access to more granular settings. You might also want to try google. I'm sure somewhere, someone has created some application that provides additional functions to the basic MS vanilla drivers. Okay sorry for the late response. If anyone else is trying to figure out how to increase your mouse acceleration or trying to completely get rid of it, I have figured it out. So first thing's first. Windows uses 3 things when it comes to "Mouse Acceleration". It uses a Mouse Threshold1 and Threshold2 as well as what's called a "Mouse Curve". Threshold1 and Threshold2 is what is the points at which the "Mouse Curve" will take effect. So when the mouse reaches the movements to which it hits the first threshold the mouse curve will kick in, and when it hits the second threshold it will kick in again. The "Mouse Curve" is the name Microsoft gave for handling "Mouse Acceleration" in Windows. So when you tinker with the mouse curve this is how you either increase or completely get rid of the mouse acceleration. There was a guy by the name of "MarkC" who wrote a program for those of use who don't understand the binaries in relation to the mouse curves. He basically wrote a program for you to input simple to understand terms for writing your own .reg file, which is just a registry file, to input codes through the .reg file into your registry dealing with the mouse curve. So if anyone else is having issues with their "Mouse Acceleration" or more properly the mouse curve, just google MarkC and get his "MouseFix". With his program I was able to make a custom mouse curve which would increase my acceleration exponentially, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you guys for taking the time to help me out and for anyone else in the future having this issue, again just google MarkC and get his mouse curve .reg files and it comes packaged with his program that has a Wizard with easy to understand steps to create your own mouse curve. If you don't want to do this, he does include already written .reg files with his pre-calculated mouse curves to either increase or completely remove the mouse acceleration from or to windows.
  2. Hello guys this is my first post. I'm trying to figure out how to tweak my windows 7 mouse settings so that I can get a quicker mouse acceleration past what the standard option is for "Enhanced Pointer Precision". I tried playing with the threshold1 and threshold2 options from registry and it didn't seem to make any difference from what was already there from "Enhanced Pointer Precision". Anyone know how I can tweak this , or what file I can edit and how to edit the file in order to change and increase my mouse acceleration past what is already there from mouse settings in control panel?