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  1. someone probably made a thread like this a while back, but i'd like a refreshed list. list any good torrent sites you know. heres some btw in your opinion what's the best client? i use utorrent and like it, then again i don't think i've ever used a different client...damn im lazy....
  2. hey guys i haven't been back in a while but i need some advice. i'm dorming at asu and the layout for our dorm is 2 rooms with 2 people in each, parallel to each other and connected by a bathroom. just about 30 minutes ago someone came into our room and stole my suitemate's ps3 and itouch, and my roommate's laptop. everything we have that connects to the internet goes through the wireless university network and everything plugged in goes through their dhcp server. they catch people who torrent so they watch their bandwidth carefully. so do you guys think they would have detailed logs of computer names and ips? or is there anything i can do myself to sniff out any of those devices if they're hooked up through the same network again?
  3. Ohm thanks for responding to this guy for me. lattera that's like me telling you it's hard to crap standing up. I think it's a safe assumption that these devices will be plugged in by whoever stole them, or whoever they were sold to. Being a college campus, they probably didn't go far. Call the police, get the theft on record. Even if they don't do anything about it, get the theft on record. Then call the campus IT people, and explain to them the situation. It's possible they will help. If you know the MAC address of the laptop and PS3 and the networks aren't encrypted, you can sniff for it yourself. That might help. But if you do find it, don't just barge in and steal it back. Call the police, tell them you know exactly who has it and you've done all their work for them. Ohm i remember seeing you when you just joined. nice to see you being a mod. anyway we don't register our mac addresses or anything. and i don't know the mac for any of them because they weren't mine. There's only two IT guys for our campus and this campus is huge, asu is the biggest in the US. i was thinking about looking at the logs they have and deducing which connections were ours. i hear they catch retard fish frog kids torrenting just by watching the bandwidth so i went ahead and emailed them, i couldn't find a number directly to them. what would you guys recommend for sniffing? i got cain but any others?
  4. what was the point of that post?
  5. ill forgive you as long as you post pictures of your pets......
  6. ah i used to know such a good one. it would show you a map down to streets, with street names, etc. i lost the bookmark though god! ill go find it
  7. Sorry for what????? and wow you got my information you must be proud of yourself. It's not that hard to do. i don't get it, isn't thats what you wanted him to do? jeeze you dick
  8. first you find out their username and password! than you type it in on the login screen. tricky i know.
  9. aw gross is this for that 24/7 catsex cam you were talking about? here's some frames in case no one heard about T.M.O.S 's ....'idea'
  10. the forums i hung out at went down and minion introduced me to these minion
  11. um hm i tink so. j00 got 0wned by gRLz n00b! heh jk im done.
  12. alright so i know how deep freeze works and all, and i know how to pop up the prompt for password. theres a code on the prompt, and i hear you have to input it in the admin deepfreeze prog and it gives you a password. does anyone know the algorith for this code to password process? or even know about it? lol i was wondering if it's one key algorith for all passwords. i want to try and crack it myself, but how can i start? just doing the process a bunch and comparing results?
  13. alright my little old g3 lappy, that has ubuntu on it, won't reformat! im trying to put mac os x back on it because i've learned my lesson about ppc architecture and linux. i put in the mac os x cd and the installation starts up fine. the only problem is when it asks which volume i would like to install it on. there are no choices! the field is blank and i can't choose anything! i know the hd responds because ubuntu runs fine. is there a manual way i can wipe the hd without logging in? because i don't remember my user name or password. heh.
  14. blegh it's just work, who wants to do work when they know the result is gonna be shit. im too lazy to do something like that when asked lol, there has to be a purpose man! otherwise it's script kiddies crap. besides it's just way more fun when you set yourself a 'mission'
  15. thanks all, i was looking for a more manual approach to learn more, but whatever thanks lots.
  16. w00t! w00t!
  17. thanks for the input that sounds like it'll work, i didn't touch the partition thats probably it, no clear partition. alright ill try that stuff next chance i get
  18. well the sites you are going to find won't make you much. if you sit at your computer for hours on end and wouldn't mind disclosing personnal info about yourself all day then go ahead. its just alot of the 'big money' stuff requires you to spend money. eg: taking a 10 min quiz could make you 60 cents.....not much is it? then they say you can do this offer which will pay off with $20.00! but they tell you you have to subscribe to the service, and in order to do that you have to pay the service. its all just a big hassle if you ask me.
  19. nono i know that unlocking deep freeze won't let me remove stuff from the network. im just trying to figure out the 'thaw' password as you put it, for fun a little something to do. but i wouldn't mind getting admin privs to our network too, alot of crap(literally) has to be removed. does anyone want to explain how i go about obtaining those admin rights? or is that too malicious?
  20. oh yeah its fine i know my school system inside and out. we have it at school but i have no need to take it down because anyone can log in and write stuff onto the school network(god knows where it holds all the crap or how) anyone logged in has auto write and execute access, just no delete access. it would be nice to delete some stuff though because some jackass made 4000 copies of the same folder and now no one can delete it. and if we tell the school they'll just close it up to everyone. we put tons of crap on there, roms and emulators, we got counter strike, we got starcraft and warcraft II and III i think. and any computer on the network can access it its pretty cool. i remember in my intro to business class last year we would just have huge lan parties in class, good times. but yeah i just want to mess with the deep freeze to see how it works, not like i need to store anything on the computer when i have a shat load of space on the network.
  21. theres just stupid people out there that do the wrongs things with the knowledge, and that's what the media focuses on and spreads.
  22. jeeze at least draw a decent penis.....
  23. does anyone know of a way to extract songs from a flash? just a regular flash player on a page, the flash just links and plays the songs from wherever. i dl the flash itself, its sitting on my desktop and when i open it up it just links to those songs again from somewhere and plays them. i guess something helpful would be that my sygate tells me everything about what its trying to access. i got the ip its going for, the local and remote port, the binary dump of the packet, and some flag info and some other random crap. so how would i link up to these songs and dl them?
  24. well i probably shouldn't go on lol. god knows we don't need people posting exploits on public forums. i'll just try light's idea, it sounds crazy enough to work, i have sound forge as well
  25. alright so i got this lappy from a friend. he dropped it from about 4 inches off the ground, it shut off immediately and when he started it back up it would give him some error message in prompt. i foolishly didn't write down the error message and don't remember it. so i slap my format cd(for windows xp pro) in there, everythings going great the hd is detected, i tell it to delete the partition and that works fine, then i command it to create a fresh one, well i give it the command, the screen says its formatting but it never goes above 0%!! it's a big hd but i even left it all night and when i got up it still said 0%. im trying it through repair console right now and it's been sitting at 0% for about half an hour now.... so my question is does anyone know how i can run a diagnostic from the repair console prompt? or even possibly fix this problem and make the formatting continue and finish?