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  1. POSIX system calls in C
  2. [The all powerful google and @hbp how you like HackThisSite....I just found out about it a few months ago. It's pretty interesting. (just with I knew more to go the more advance stuff lol) quote name=hbp' timestamp='1160950788' post='212386] hrrmmmm... I think i came here for info on phreaking, I was at HackThisSite for a little bit, then i came to binrev. First post ^
  3. Thanks everyone for responding so quick. Sorry not responding sooner but for some reason my account was locked yesterday, but hey it's unlocked now so I'm not complaining lol @systems_glitch, That's exacity what I am talking about.... @tekio I'm definitely going to do that...
  4. Hey all, hope all is well....I'm new to this site and I didn't see this topic posted anywhere but I was wondering if anybody can be so kind as to help me or point me in the right currently I'm studying Unix my background is somewhat limited in the programming field and I'm still quite new so please pardon my ignorance... So I was wondering if anyone can reference any good books or any can give me any advice on the Unix call functions, I have Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by Stevens and Rago already since we use it for class..For example our last quiz was we had to write a C++ program and use the Unix calls to have the program read the last 10 lines of some 3 files and the professor didn't want us to use tail call.. If someone can please help it would be must appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Definitely going to agree with tekio here in saying with Perl, Python, Java etc.. you will make some pretty neat programs and it will definitely interest you... Me personally I like learning theory first to understand the concept behind how everything works but everyone is different and like tekio C/C++ in the beginning for me too was really discouraging. It was boring and I wasn't writing any useful programs but as time passed I learned a lot and made some pretty cool things but hey choice is. Good Luck..
  6. Hello everybody, nice to meet you all. @billybobcornbread definitely see some longs nights here too lol. Cheers!