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  1. iam looking to convert broadband to dtmf. looking for portable hardware broadband to 2400bps
  2. yes you send up, going to prison.
  3. just a small point, person who wrote the tutorial is one of the most wanted cybercriminal, no he not in jail, he still out there.
  4. i need to capture it not view it graphically, and by pass the ping
  5. what solution you have for me? :cuss:
  6. why ssl? ssl is authontication you actually visited the site , ssl is used in court of law. ssl give no protection, unless personal certificate
  7. i didnt know www.confidentialaccess.com still arround, its been long time, i thaught thy shut down. by EU law all email providors have to keep logs by law, i dont know where's Caxess.net server based. maybe i have to look in to it.
  8. if i attach a voltage stabilizer on start of the tap, will that be any good?
  9. http://fte.com/et01.asp using this software i can record all broadband traffic, but the admin can trace and tell there's a break in the system. how do i over come that problem? :monk:
  10. nodns.org safe-mail.net they are widly used anon mail, thy do log the ip's and coprate with LE.
  11. so why dont you improve the technique, rather then slapping it down
  12. i have a program to capture broadband communication, how do i over come the ping, which tell the network admin, that there a break in the system, how do i over come that ? :go:
  13. 1) Installing Windows Tip 1: DO NOT USE NTFS FILE SYSTEM. nono.gif Do not listen to Bill Gates who tells you it’s the best file system in the Earth. Yes, it’s good, but it’s good only for FEDS! A little explanation: Then you delete file at FAT32 file systems via standard Windows functions you delete only the entry about this file was on you hard drive. In physical this file still exist on your hard drive and can be restored. To completely delete this file you should use programs (like BestCrypt Wipe) which write random data to the disk segment there your file located physically. I do not want to write what’s going on in NTFS file system coz then I need to write a little book. I’ll say one thing – to completely delete single file without ability to restore it you should wipe all your hard drive… In FAT32 you should wipe only the file… Choose for yourself what you need more – safe or evidence for feds Tip 2: In Windows XP/2000 shut down Restore System. Yes it’s a little danger, but Windows stop to back up your files and leave evidence for FEDS. Tip 3: Set the size of the Windows SWAP file to the fixed size and wipe it by BestCrypt Wipe or same utility at least ones a week. Tip 4: Turn off hibernation feature on desktop computer. Tip 5: Install RamDiskNT for Win’XP/2000 (For Win’98/ME look at cenatek.com). Create RAM Disk* and set your Windows to store Cookies, Internet Cash, Recent files, History at RAM Disk. You can do it by Tweak-XP utility (http://www.totalidea.com/frameset-products.htm). After this all those trails will disappear after you’ll reboot or turn off your PC. *RAM Disk – disk scattered at computer on-line storage. Tip 6: In Win’XP/2000 turn off all Remote Desktop and similar features. Tip 7: In Win’XP/2000 delete the following file: %windir%\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\System\DFS\uplddrvinfo.htm 2) Using Programs To Encrypt Your Data Tip 1: Use few Crypt Programs like BestCrypt, DriveCrypt, PGP in one time. It’s looks like: BestCrypt Container -> DriveCrypt Container -> etc -> Your Data (One container in other) Tip 2: If you use PGP Disk to encrypt your data use ONLY PGP 6.0 or less. DO NOT USE PGP 7.0, 8.0 or higher – there is a backdoor placed for USSS. Tip 3: In Win’XP/2000 by using Tweak-XP set Windows to store “Application Data”(The folder there all programs store their data) folder at you encrypted disk. Tip 4: Using Tweak-XP set Windows to store temporary data at your encrypted disk or RAM Disk Tip 5: In BestCrypt use Encrypt SWAP File feature. 3) Deleting trails Tip 1: To delete single files of folders use BestCrypt Wipe or similar utility. It’s completely delete files without ability to restore it. Tip 2: Use Evidence Eliminator and Track Eraser programs to delete all you internet and windows trails 4) Internet Security Tip 1: Use SocksChain program to build proxy chains By your FireWall block access for SocksChain to ufasoft.com site (or it will send your private proxys to Ufasoft and share it to the rest of the world) Tip 2: Install Permeo Security Driver to tunnel all your traffic to SocksChain Tip 3: Use Outpost FireWall Pro as your main FireWall program. It’s the best FireWall I’ve ever seen and trojan makers have many problems with this software. Tip 4: If you use Internet Explorer as your main browser turn off all ActiveX features and Java Virtual Machine. Most part of IE exploits uses ActiveX vulnerabilities and features. It’s all for now. Not much but it can increase from time to time by me or by other members. I hope it will help somebody to be safe and to keep freedom Regards For more tutorial vesit www.darkmarket.ws, 7 day waiting for new members
  14. buyer server in china and install your own email software on it, configure to stop all the ip logs.
  15. BCwipe is good also, it wipes the free space up to 7times