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  1. I'm trying to reproduce these results, and the furthest I got was with this list of steps: 1. install suse 11.3, and bring all packages up to date for that version of the distro 2. replace kvm kmods with kvm-kmod-, patched with kmod patches from 3. mount lion install "iso" image on my Mac, delete AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext, unmount/"eject", copy "doctored" install image to Linux 4. run this: qemu-kvm -M mac -osk "our...Inc" -m 2048 -cpu core2duo -hda ./mac_hdd.img -usb -usbdevice mouse -usbdevice keyboard -bios bios-mac.bin -kernel ./Chameleon_RC5_Trunk_Binaries_r668/i386/boot -drive id=cdrom,file=./mod_leopard.iso -monitor stdio where mac_hdd.img is an empty qcow2 image created with qemu_img, and mod_leopard.iso is my "doctored" DVD install image sans the AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext. I get to the desktop wallpaper and a spinning beach ball, but no further than that. Does anyone on this forum who did get this to work in the past have a command line laying about they'd be willing to share ?