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  1. ok people... :help: yesterday i was gettin bored from playin a mmorpg game i enjoy somewhat that i left to go and watch tv... I finally came back to find I had disconnected from the server. This usually happened so i thought nothing of it. But as i later found out it meant somebody else logged on using your info. When i logged back in i was in a totally different area and I had lost everything on the game :cry: . What i dont understand is how they managed to hack into my account . What i need help with is finding out how they hacked and if there is a way i can hack into their account and "get my revenge". If u need additional information i will provide all that is necessary. Thx in advance Lala
  2. used to use this forum loads... but went to another now im back home
  4. ya our school just upgraded all the computers and now....ulike before, we cannot use the one thing that they were talking about in the start of this disscussion, the net send (ip) (Messege). this does not work now and i was wondering why? It really upset me when we were in class and itried talking to my friends on the laptops and the messege didn't work, and for the record, we are using a wireless network Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  5. Depends what you are using them for. If you want to send messages to other computers, then you need the ip and it will only work if the particular computer is logged on, if not you end up with the wait between opening the batch file, because your computer is waiting for a response from the other, and after time if the message is not recieved your computer will go on to the next batch file.
  6. I checked out that site and i found it, but i was also wondering if you had to register to put a shoutbox on your site? if you don't have to then could you post your source for me :voteyes:
  7. I have been all over the internet using google looking for some way to create a shoutbow for one of my web pages. :glare: If you could help i would be very happy.
  8. What do you mean by "Cached"?..... sorry dumb question
  9. I was just wondering how to hack the site of the starchoice people and get free paper veiw. :help: :voteyes:
  10. What do you mean by "net" :voteyes: Thats why i gave the little (IP) you foo!!
  11. sonicwall is still a problem and i still need help maybe, unless my other help actually works. :help:
  12. Presumably, you mean 'how do I view pages dispite the fact that our school is blocking them with sonic wall' rather than 'how do I uninstall my school's firewall from their server'? Try the google cache route, for starters, for example: :jawa: ← Yes exactly thanks :voteyes:
  13. the firewall itself is in another town but on the same network so i cant go to the source :growl:
  14. WTF is cain and what do you mean by
  15. How do i send files through the net send command? The current messeges look like Net send (IP) "(TEXT) how do i send files like text documents, etc.? :cry: