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  1. This is, most, unfortunate. The world grows larger every day, yet we lose the ones we care about, more and more quickly, all the same. May he rest in peace.
  2. Friend of mine, double cs/math major, is doing a job with his oracle cert at "some mediCorp". Payroll is easily 150-200k, but then again he is managing over 20 million customers' medical data on a daily basis. Or so he says...
  3. Shit if you are going to do something that illegal you might as well just uncap your line and sell off of that. :paw: Soho Oh, by the way all of these scenarios have you being F****D in the A** by da feds after a few days or weeks. :jigga3: :ky:
  4. I can't believe anybody would believe me to be this pretentious. Read my second post, I was being facetious. The purpose of the original post was to provoke conversation about the thought process. Come on, what kind of imbecile mixes Latin and English in the same sentence? I'm not that fucked up.
  5. Very well. Slightly irrelevant though. I am glad to see that you intend to promote your future by making superfluous statements. I am also being facetious. (as I was in my original post)
  6. Allo. A disconcerting trend involving the members of this forum has become blatantly obvious. It appears that arduous times shall befall the hacker community, due in part to the nature of the "new hacker". There appears, also, to be an exponential growth in the volume of information communicated. Ironically, the information being transferred is degrading in quality. One may reference "quality of information" as being synonymous with simple value. Quite some time ago a handful of senior members indicated a sense of frustration with the "new members". These complaints were largely disregarded by the community, including myself; however, denial is no longer a competent answer. The problem is, possibly as a matter of course, that there are many technically illiterate, ignorant, and immature individuals seeking information about contrived "hacking" subjects. An example: Learning how to "hack" the cable company, aka theft, is hacking; yet, no longer does an individual ask direct questions about such a topic. No longer is one curious about the various platforms, firmware, or communication systems being used. Simply, "they" want to know how to do it, from start to end, no thought involved. Instead of giving them a step-by-step tutorial which any Imbecile could follow, teach them the fundamental concepts step by step. If one wishes to create a virus one must have a reason, an understanding of what a virus is and does, then the rest is trivial. As with the aforementioned, if the questioner has patience to learn these things, then indeed they may reap the benefits of their acquired knowledge. If not, don't make it any easier- for life by its very nature is disinclined to make things easier. What skill do you breed in men who have no knowledge? Ignorance. What is an ignorant man with no patience? He is as a flying beast without its ala. Honestly, I once knew little of hacking, as all "of us" did at some point in time. "Flaming" "noobs" is not what I am getting at- we need to stop spoon feeding people information. If what is happening now continues to happen, most of the "real hackers" will be either too old to give two shits or working at some university. Yes these are generalizations; however, my intention is not necessarily to provide a coherent argument as to provoke thought. I am not taking this plight to the administration because I want your opinion as a member. You, the individual must come forth to make the future, your future, what it is you want it to be. Tell me what you want the future to be, and what you are doing for its cause. :paw: Soho
  7. My ref post which nobody seemed to care about: On Binrev Don't know if it works in fbsd; however, the process should be similar.
  8. The only problem is the speaker. I believe that using very thin latex, as is found in gloves, directly infront of the speaker would suffice. One would drill holes in a circular patter through the plexiglass, affix the latex inside of the w.p enclosure, then attach the speaker to the latex. :paw: Soho
  9. I don't like this, it's giving me a bit of an odd Jive. I've no problem with apple salvaging its wrecked-ship of a company by shoving iPods into our mouths, but this is extreme. I will not touch the thing unless the fimrware is made public or stolen. Somehow having one's music, friends cell phone numbers, locale, gps location, and other info accessable to apple and the telecom doesn't seem exactly- intelligent. :paw: Soho
  10. Dood your stealing dont you CARE? "LOL Bitch, I got a terrabyte of warez..." It's fucking ryan- what more did you expect? I believe that if anybody is going to do it, the fastest way is to break into the company's system and go from there. Distribute the source, dev docs, etc and that tough software will not look nearly as appealing. :paw: Soho
  11. I have been using slackware as of late. Why do you have only "nix" distros? In my oppinion BSD isn't all that bad. :paw: Soho
  12. Possibley if we knew why you wanted to use windows we could help you more effectively. Also, you may wish to try the knoppix STD, which has a wireless cracking suite built in. :paw: Soho EDIT: Possibly (spelling error)
  13. Where did you get the files and what app are you using to burn? If there are 5 iso's then it is cd format, not DVD. Also, try pressing f12 durring primary boot, then selecting the correct drive. In any case, good luck. :paw: Soho
  14. Just to hear people bitch about it :devil: YES I had to beat the crap ot of 7 hookers to get it, last one in store too. :paw: Soho
  15. I would definitely suggest it, because you probably could learn something from it, and perhaps help a brother out and pass it along to someone who wants to get their CEH but is monetarily challenged at the time... \This is true. I believe that my previous statement came off a bit too harsh on the course. The material itself is fine, and worth learning; however, it will likely not do terribly much for you commercially.