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  1. we love WhiteSword tv

  2. humm
  3. http://nokia.nigelcoldwell.co.uk/nokiacodes.html
  4. cool bro
  5. and do not forget to call in to ntheory for us that can not good
  6. LOL
  7. owned fuck 4 got to log out
  8. lol i got owned
  9. fuck hacks for games it not a hard game and get Diablo 2 LOD
  10. thank you all
  11. let not start a freedecoder.org ok
  12. <CENTER><TABLE STYLE="margin:0px 80px 0px 80px; border:none;"><TR><TD STYLE="border:solid #005500 3px; background-color:#002200; padding:10px; text-align:center; color:#00ff00; font:x-large Terminal,Lucida Console,Monospace;">The haxor handle of <I>WhiteSword</I> is "<B>Pale M@ni@c</B>".</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <FORM STYLE="text-align:center;" ACTION="http://quiz.ravenblack.net/haxor.pl" METHOD="GET">What's yours? Enter your name: <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=12 NAME="n"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Tell me"></FORM> The haxor handle of WhiteSword is "Pale M@ni@c". not stankdawg! It was a joke man get a life
  13. The haxor handle of WhiteSword is "StankDawg". now that is odd
  14. look good bro
  15. im not going but i will be calling all the rooms