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  1. Don't forget to have whitesword randomly call in..........
  2. I would love to see default radio return in any shape or form. I will PM u with a subdomain you can use if you want for hosting.
  3. we get to have the 1337ness that is tron. This is the best ep. of default radio ever!!
  4. h.264 produces significantly bigger file sizes and uses tons more cpu and ram to decode them because it off-loads less to your video card. For example a h.264 encode of goodfellas is 6.8 gb and a wmvhd vc-1 is only 4.5gb for no noticeable differences between them and with the wmvhd u can stream it to ur xbox-360.
  5. I think you should distribute them Hd and standard def. because you can get like 30 min. of full 1080p for like 1.8 gb or 720p for 1.2gb with wmvhd(vc1). I also recommend down converting them to 720p, so you will not get any ugly interlace lines with non 1080i displays. The best option is to probably distribute them in divxhd (720p and 1080i) over @ stage6.divx.com and then put the non-hd files on your website.
  6. I go away from the binrev forums for a while but still check defaultradio.com and a lost ep of default radio comes out on the binrev forums. WTF! Thanks to doug/default radio crew for getting it out, it was pure wrestlemania. I just can't wait for ep13, because just I missed it when I began listening live at about the 14th ep. This has inspired me to listen to the entire show again for about the 20th time, it's the greatest internet radio show ever. Also does anyone have copy of ep35 the "pirate" one where stankdawg hosted it??
  7. Now redirects to http://www.dougtv.org/default/ with a new site design.
  8. HOLY SH#T!!! YESS!!!!
  9. how will I opdivert now??????
  10. default radio now redirects to hxxp://www.dailyphreak.com/nsatt-radio . A new show! that seems to be with natas and lucky 225
  11. hxxp://www.internetbumperstickers.com/front.html look at the emmanuiel goldstein sticker! lol
  12. UPDATE: defaultradio.com now goes to the att website. Could this be a sign of life??
  13. i know that but was just asking if anyone had any info on it. I WOULD FUCKING LOVE TO SEE THAT DEFAULT COMES BACK!, also sry about the mirror metioned in ep40 that I ran. I had forgotten about it and had unplugg for a while but it will be back and with more random default and friends recordings, that will make laugh. also does anyone have a link to the ep that stankdawg hosted (was like 35 or something....)?
  14. wtf is going on?
  15. Anyone in the 513?