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  1. You are correct -- I only scanned for FAT tables. I'll do a complete run with NTFS, if that's what you think is best, however, I'm ALMOST certain the Explorer DVR uses FAT. The (other) "MY Book" type drives are factory-formatted with NTFS - EXCEPT the AV version which is formatted with FAT 32. WDC "My Book AV" P/N: WDBABTOO10HBK-00 1411B S/N: WCAV5J064876T R/N: C4CBABCAA eSATA input USB 2 input The MyBook AV is not available at any of my local stores, so I've ordered on online. I'll eventually use it to copy/clone the data from the original drive IF any is available. But first I want to attach it to the Explorer DVDR. If it does not Format the drive, then I'll know for sure if it's a FAT. It may format the drive even if it is FAT, but it's worth a shot. After it's formated and ready to go, I'll attempt to copy the MBR, or whatever it uses, so I'll know what info it requires. Possibly that's where they store the "Code" that prevents the drive from working with a different machine. I'll see if that's true by trying it with a different Explorer DVR. I wouldn't mind finding a way to transfer the movie files to a different drive so I can edit them, and transfer them to DVDs. IF we can recover them. I'm committed to working on this drive until we recover the data or prove it's gone forever. Thanks for all your help! this should help you disassemble it: http://www.instructables.com/id/Disassembling-a-Western-Digital-My-Book/ once you have it plugged in directly to a sata port, do a scan with this program: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6532747/Stellar_Phoenix_Windows_Data_Recovery_4.1.0.1_Patch-----Unicorn look for lost volumes. When you do discovery with GetDataBack, how many tables do you see? FAT would be a very poor format for HD video, even FAT32. Run SpinRite on it, you may have caused mechanical damage when you originally unplugged it.