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  1. Hey, so i just created this brute force script in Python that tries to figure out a password (in this example, the password is a constant string) It creates a list() starting with one int(), it then counts in base-n untill it figures out the password (when it has to do a carry, it just expands the list) Basicly, i was just wondering wether this is the way it's "usually" done. chars = list('qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmm')passwd = []chars_length = len(chars) - 1test_passwd = 'abcde'passwd = [0]def getPass(attempt): global chars ret = '' for char in attempt: ret += chars[char] return retwhile True: passwd[0] += 1 i = 0 for char in passwd: if char == chars_length: passwd[i] = -1 try: passwd[i+1] += 1 except IndexError: passwd.append(0) passwd[i+1] += 1 print(str( len(passwd) )+'\n'+getPass(passwd)+'\n===================') i += 1 if getPass(passwd) == test_passwd: print('\nFOUND IT!!!\ngetPass( passwd ) == "{}"\n\t=> True'.format(test_passwd)) break I attatched the script as a *.txt passFigure.txt
  2. Could someone point me towards any resources on how these things work, what sort of protocols and formats they use etc. I'm guessing these could be different region to region, but i was hoping for some sort of global standrard. Also, how would i send the signal? What sort of hardware would i need?
  3. Hi. I'm really liking this site so far.
  4. I kind of jump back and forth between Xmonad, MATE and KDE (yes, plasma is a bit overkill. But it`s the "everything usually just works desktop") I`ve tried AwesomeWm tho', it`s pretty good. But i find myself wanting Xmonads way of tilling al the time.