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  1. Store as barcodes in database?
  2. I am an Android user.
  3. Sounds like people that get upset that a store has a minimum charge to use a cc to buy something. Sure you could call up Visa/Mc ect and complain that they are violating the terms and conditions of their agreement. But you would have to be a real fucktard. are you reading the same thread? this has nothing to do with merchants requiring a minimum credit card purchase.. it has to do with companies scanning state issued photo ID which can contain much more personal data than what is shown on the front of the card. this is a privacy issue. what is being read from these scans? how long is this information stored? where is this information transmitted and/or stored? how is it safeguarded? is this information being sold? how is this information being used? merchants have to pay fees for each credit card transaction, so it only makes sense that they have some sort of minimal purchase price, in fact i usually end up spending more than i normally would when i go into the store for just one or two low price items when i do not have cash for the purchase and need to use a credit or debit card, because i think it is kind of stupid to put an $8 purchase on a credit card, so i shop around for other things that i need or want to add up the bill.. I've heard that All NYC Permits Get A QR Code these days.
  4. Search an scanner connected with your pc, that will be OK. What you need to install is the scanning software.