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  1. In the Blue Box Bill of Materials XLS,, it looks like the 1K Ohm, 1/6 watt, 5% Carbon Film Resistor model P1.0KEBK-ND is no longer being sold by DigiKey. Now, I've only just started learning about these kinds of things, and I know next to nothing, so I just wanted to check and see if I could use this a substitute, ~[bK]~
  2. Granted, it would save me like $10, and most people would find it pointless since they can use voip with the touch anyway and there's cell phones, but it's more about the fun of bridging products than productivity.
  3. Already doing that. I'm talking specifically magic jack.
  4. howdy, I too have been lurking for a long time...since November 4th of 2005 according to my profile...and I thought I'd come out of my comfort zone and start posting a little. ~[bK]~
  5. I'm just wondering what people think of this idea. I was thinking about using magic jack with an ipod touch. Granted there's no way to connect the jack directly to the ipod, but I was thinking of using a hub. I figure you can crack open the ipod tip of the ipod touch usb cable, and it should be possible to solder a severed usb hub cable to it. Then you could plug the magicjack into the hub. Granted, the ipod wouldn't recognize the magic jack, but if it's physically possible to make the connection, i'm sure it's possible to write an app that would recognize the jack. Since I'm not too hot with hardware type work, I was wondering if some more technical people think it's a load of bull or maybe it could work.