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  1. 'Homeless hacker' may surrender to FBI By Declan McCullagh Staff Writer, CNET September 5, 2003, 4:00 PM PT Adrian Lamo, the so-called homeless hacker who claims responsibility for a series of high-profile electronic intrusions over the last two years, is negotiating with the FBI to surrender over criminal charges. Lamo, 22, said his attorney is talking with the U.S. Attorney's office in New York City over unspecified allegations of criminal misconduct. On Thursday, FBI agents showed up at his parents' home in Sacramento, Calif., Lamo said in a telephone interview Friday evening, during which he would not disclose his location. "(The FBI agents) went to my parents' house to try to find me there," Lamo said. "Since then, I've been told they're looking for me. But I've had no direct contact with them." Mary French, a deputy public defender in Sacramento who is representing Lamo, provided a statement that said: "We have confirmed that there is a sealed complaint from the Southern District of New York and a federal arrest warrant for (Lamo)." Lamo, whose brazen exploits, media savvy and rootless lifestyle have made him something of a legend in hacker circles, indicated that he's willing to give himself up after he learns what the charges against him are. "I wanted to know more about the counts against me, before I agreed to surrender to face them," he said. On Aug. 22, Lamo contacted CNET to say he believed a federal criminal investigation of his intrusions into The New York Times' computers had been accelerated. But he was unable to confirm the situation until the FBI agents showed up on Thursday, he said. "We have been cooperating with the authorities in their investigation of the security breach that happened in February 2002," Christine Mohan, a spokeswoman for New York Times Digital, said on Friday. "We've cooperated with them since that breach, and we're continuing to do so." Mohan would not provide details of the cooperation. She would not say whether the company had filed a criminal complaint against Lamo after the intrusion took place. In that incident, which New York Times Digital confirmed at the time, Lamo was able to view employee records, including Social Security numbers. He was also able to access the contact information for the paper's sources and columnists, including such well-known contributors as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former Marine Col. Oliver North and hip-hop artist Queen Latifah. Lamo also claims to be responsible for intrusions into systems at MCI WorldCom in December 2001, Microsoft in October 2001, Yahoo in September 2001, and Excite@Home in May 2001. When he entered Yahoo's system, Lamo found he was able to alter news articles on the company's site. Many, if not all, of these intrusions appear to violate the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which calls for punishment of anyone who "intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access" with fines and between one and five years in prison, depending on the charges. The U.S. Attorney's office in New York City did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In addition to these intrusions, Lamo is known for his homeless-hacker lifestyle. He has no fixed address, and instead wanders around the United States on Greyhound buses, sleeping on friends' couches and, when necessary, staying in vacant or derelict buildings. Especially now that he knows the FBI is after him, Lamo said: "I'm in constant motion. Like Saddam Hussein, no two nights in one place." Interesting, this should make screamer happy.
  2. you may want to consider something outside of computers. with the tech downturn lately, it dosen't look that good. maybye a few years ago you could walk out of school and make 60g's as a sysadmin, but I highly doubt you'll find that today. I know, it's in all the commercials! make 60G! get trained in 9 months. A few months ago I went to CLN training center to see about going for my networks certs, she told me about a few of their students success stories, and one guy actually got a job with verizon making 50G. she said this was VERY rare nowadays. I would say at THE most, for someone straight outta school, you could expect 30-35g. don't set your expectations too high. if you put 60g down as your salrie requirements, you'll be laughed out of every interview. a little bit of reality from computer world: Hard times Tech workers trying to find jobs face a bleak future By JULIA KING (April 29, 2002) In interviews, more than 50 CIOs, high-tech hiring managers, recruiters, consultants and out-of-work IT professionals in different regions of the country told the same story: Two years of heavy corporate merger activity followed by the dot-com bust and a general downturn in the economy have brutalized the IT job market, victimizing even veteran, highly skilled IT professionals, The result is the largest pool ever of unemployed computer specialists, who are alternately bewildered, angry and, increasingly, bitter. A harsh economy has forced many into lengthy unemployment. Yea, it was last year, but things haven't picked up much. this is the stuff they don't tell you about in tech schools, then after you've spent all your fucking money, you get out, and WHAMOO.. no job. Right now, I'm working as a delivery driver, My cousin is a Network tech at a fairly large library, i make more money that he does. alot of it depend on where you live, around here, plumbers make more that sysadmins, no matter how much training you have. And second, from what I hear, you'll likely be doing help desk duty for a good long time before they will move you up to admin. Just a thought guys. I got burnt by the compter industry, and before i go rushing back in, i want to make sure things are a little more stable. people are fighting just to get an internship!
  3. Just thought you guys might want a look. Now is it just me? or does anyone else think that the FBI should be concetrating on other things. Instead of stopping people from swapping mp3's, should'nt they be ....trying to stop terrorism or something? Maybe get the SPYS out of their own agency? But this country is fueled by money. Welcome to the United Corporations of america.
  4. screamer, the thing about kevin is, he DID cause some monitary losses. not much, and he basically gave the finger to the FBI for several years. Kevin was a Wanted Fugitive. Lamo is just a wanderer. Kevin didn't just get in to a server and store some files. it's not as simple as that, Kevin "0wned" the well's server and was reading several member's e-mail, He stole telephone service, He also had control of Ma Bell's employees anytime he felt the need to. Not to mention all the bad articles from John markoff (dick) didn't help kevin at all. Lamo on the other hand, seems to be Wired's pretty boy. They love to right articles about him. And he isn't wanted by the feds, he hasn't had any charges pressed against him (that i know of) I guess it just goes to show you, that being honest can actually pay off sometimes. As for kevin selling out, I know this is gonna be hard for some of you to handle.... you might want to sit down. Unless you are planning on inheriting a fortune from relatives, eventually, you too will have to get a job. All he knows is computer security. let him do it. But yea, i have to agree, kevin was the government's ultimate scapegoat. he got shafted. hard. But just think about it. It worked out just as the GOV planned it. here we are, years later, still re-hashing this.
  5. sorry guys. I was going through some serious server issues. I have them all fixed now. will return shortly.
  6. Install Linux. What are you getting them from? e-mails?
  7. I've got to call you out on this one. First of all.....Spammers spam themselves? I don't get it. only spam subnetted IP's?? what type of spam? WTF are u talking about? Not to piss you off, I just don't understand what you are talking about. Why would any spammer pay money to spam themselves?
  8. LMAO
  9. why be so jealous? if you wan media attention, show us some of these "incredible things" you can do. The reason he gets media attention is because he does the right thing, by going to the company and saying, "I cracked your network, here is how to fix it." Do you really think that a cracker who goes in and ruins an entire network deserves to have the media attention? doing the right thing stands for alot.
  10. lol. this is an old one, but it still makes me lmao!
  11. Also try Webmin! it roX0rs very much. gives you the ability to admin all those settings & the rest of your box from a web based administration.
  12. logan5: I would take a guess that you don't have sendmail set up right. (trust me, I racked my head for DAYS!! DAYS I SAY!! trying to figure this out) No, you don't have to fuck with MX records or BIND. As long as sendmail is set up right, when an e-mail gets sent to your web address, it will come to your IP, (through dyndns) (really, all dyndns does, is listen for a request for, and when they get a request, their name servers, point that request to your IP. ) If you have sendmail installed, look at & (note: you may have to install the package, this enables you to "re-build" the sendmail config file.) In one of the above files, look for a line...shit *is thinking and scratching head* Um.. there is a line in there that makes sendmail listen only on localhost. or or whatever, anyway, UN-COMMENT that line, then save the file, rebuild and restart sendmail. I have to set it up on another machine this weekend so I could give ya a more descriptive help then... ( i just finished an 11 hour work day) hope that helps
  13. that is exactly how mine is set up. it's a headache the first few times, config this, config that... eventually, you have to just get up and walk away for a few hours. but it does work, and most times it's really simple. if ya need any help, just holla!
  14. get a machine and install linux on it. any major distro will do, if you want to build your own packages and all that from scratch, then go for it. I have a Pentium 1 machine. when i go it it was running at 70mhz, 16 mb of ram( that just won't do) So I put a 150mhz chip in it, and added ram, i think I have 82mb or something. and it's overclocked to 175mhz Anyway, the easiest and fastes way to do it, Grab a mandrake 9.0 iso, install it, it sets up apache ( for your web pages) and sendmail or postfix, whichever you want to handle mail. and an ftp server for you. all at one. it's easy & simple. And it works GREAT as a router. mine is also set up as a router with 2 nics. I run my cable modem directly into the P1 machine. then run cat5 down to my hub. and my other machines all get dhcp addys from the P1. sharing my cable connection. it's great. if you need any help setting it up, just post it here. I'll try my best. BTW, due to load, & are hosted on rjmatm's home server. it was just easier this way for me, As I needed to take my P1 down for a few days. If you are doing static webpages, (no DB interaction) then a P1 will do fine. if you're running mySQL, and need fast DB interaction go will something a bit more beffeyer, 500mhz will do great for any site. also RAM is a big issue. about 320mb does just great.
  15. Bi0s: I'm using the free service from for my FTP server, and I also have one with that I've been using to experiemnt with the webserver. Both work well, and the client app that runs on the server makes sure that my Dyamnic IP jives with the DNS alias server. Did you pay for a higher level service for so you could use you own domain, as oppsed to one from dyndns? And how do you handle your email for the domains? Does it just get sent locally to your server? 300-800 hits a day? That's about the traffic I would expect for my site. I just don't know how much RoadRunner is going to pay attention to the traffic. I'm definately not going to get into p2p, but it's good to have some idea of what someone else is getting for traffic. hacnslash: and both offer a free DNS alias service. You're limited to specific domains that they offer, but they have lots to choose from, including one of my faves: You set up a hostname using on of their domanis and it points to your IP address. If you run one of their updating clients on the server, it will update the alias on the or server if your dynamic IP address at home changes. It's work well for me the 6 months I've used it. There are higher level pay serveices, but the free ones been working fine for me. Ok, I own I bought it through a regular registar. I paid dyndns a 1 time fee of $30. and they send http requests for right to my server. All i had to do was make dyndns's nameservers, the nameservers for at my registar. E-mail goes that way too. If the world knows that is my ip address, then anything, will come to my server. as long as I have sendmail up and running it handles all my mail just great. E-mail also works for the free domains I have at dyndns, like It all works extremly well. Also keep in mind, 300-800 hits a day is when I get a major news story, and someone posts it at those are usually the heavist days. normally, without any major news it may get 25-70 hits a day, and this is for a website that comes up on the very first page at google when you search for digitalrights. Not saying your site won't bring alot of hits, but unless you have something extremly interesting, or a community behind it, you won't have to worry about alot of traffic.