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  1. Yeah, they're actually very very common, especially among students and people who travel a lot.
  2. So, my girlfriend lost the key to her Sentry 1100 safe. I forgot my pickset back home when I moved out of state, so I had to resort to using a small bit of metal and a long thin nail. These safes are obviously not meant for keeping people out, as they are marketed as fire-proof storage containers. Disregard the first 30 seconds, as I was having trouble getting my tension wrench to stay put. (tiny little bit of metal) The first time I picked this lock, it took about two seconds In their defense, it really isn't made for security. I'm sure some people out there own these things assuming they are secure, so I thought I'd throw this out there.
  3. Nice work dude, grats!
  4. Piracy is always an interesting topic. Having been part of some major pirate groups in the scene, years back, I can say it's definitely not all bad. On the topic of something like Photoshop, do you really think adobe cares that some 16 year old kid downloaded their software? No way! You know why? Because when this kid gets out of highschool, he's got years of experience with photoshop under his belt, and what software do you think he'll prefer when it's time for that graphic design gig? Piracy is all about publicity. I've personally known of software companies that actually distributed their software 'illegally', specifically for the brand-recognition that comes as a result. For companies like Adobe, the only damage is done by companies illegal licenses for commercial means, as well as people selling pirated software. People who sell pirated software/music/IP should be burned at the stake.
  5. Googling "windows boot screen" yields interesting results...
  6. Oh wait, I thought we were all talking about Irongeek.
  7. I bought a new Gateway laptop recently. It's actually really solid, and everything works like a charm. I guess they've changed their developing-third-world-manufacturer
  8. The tech is actually really simple. You take two microphones, placed a specific distance apart (the distance between your ears), and record with them. Since they are recording in the same position as you hear, when played back on headphones you get the same audio. People often forget that humans only have two ears! It only takes two speakers edit: here's a bit more info I googled up:
  9. Fat distros need love too.
  10. Man, I'm an Arch person. It takes a little work to get up and running, but once you do, you really have a sweet machine.
  11. Yeah, I immediately caught that too, Aghaster. That really says something about the true nature of this whole issue...
  12. Ah, crap. I thought I read the OP as CS2.
  13. There are tons of ways to do this. While they all seem the same, the results can be quite different sometimes. You can use Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. The results are nice, maintaining the full range of values. You can also use Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation, then pull down the saturation slider. This is very sub-par, as you lose a lot of the middle values (it doesn't account for luminosity) You can also make a new layer above your main image, fill it with black(or white) and set this layers blend mode to color or saturation.
  14. I actually saw some ads for gay porn on there a few days ago. Have something to tell us Irongeek?
  15. I know, that's my point. It's common, basic, primitive knowledge that everyone should have before they start even beginning to mess with other peoples' open access points. When you tell someone, "Hey type this and watch this video that tells you to type this other thing," what help or service are you providing them? I think I derailed this thread a bit, or maybe I'm just speaking out on the behalf of people who are sick of spoonfeeding crumbs to kids who should be catching their own meals.