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  1. I had a whole collection of these from quite a few different fastfood chains... free value meals, dozens of donuts, subs, and even lattes. You'd be surprised how easily some of the places accept these, even printed on plain old white paper.
  2. Third Saturday of the Month. I think 2pm is a better time, 1pm was too early. We still need to decide on a better place to meet in Melenium Park. The bean is pretty crowded.
  3. w00t first Chicago BinRev meeting today! Lets see, we had a total of 8 people show. We got a lot of attention from people in the park, which was interesting. I'll post some pics later.
  4. cool, yeah I just don't like all... for anything.
  5. looks like its down from here.
  6. If you're not going to purchase it (or even have the means to), the creators are not loosing any money. It makes no difference to a business whether or not I pirate their software, because I would never purchase it. People are always so skeptical about the theft that is being committed when someone pirates software, but why isn't the theft that is committed during a purchase of software accounted? In most cases (speaking of non-FOSS) software vendors are robbing their clients of basic software freedoms (visit if you don't understand what I'm talking about). This however is less of an issue now than several years because there is such a vast amount of FOSS out there, you can usually find a free alternative that is most likely better, but if you want to create something (thats what softwares usually for), and you can't honestly afford the software, then their is no moral conflict in my opinion. Music is art and it should be shared. I would have to limit the diversity of music I listen to if I where to only purchase my music. How much music could you expect a teenager to be able to afford (honestly, $100 is an awful lot to me, and with less than a hundred songs, I just can't afford it) at over a dollar per track for DRM-free music that I can actually play on my computer and music devices. I think it is good to support and artist if you really truly enjoy their music. Then could go out and purchase their CD to get whatever else is bundled with it (commonly, artists include stickers, pictures, lyrics, or posters inside their albums). I'm sure if you enjoy their music enough you can find some little way to support them (maybe even by a t-shirt or attend a concert). But, I have to say that I find nothing wrong with the 'piracy' of music in order to maintain a decent collection of music.
  7. you have much bigger problems than setting up this spy program, Mr. Stemck. You should definitely take up your trust issues with your girlfriend. Furthermore, should you decide to implement such a program, you may want to look at the legal implications of doing so in her country. A simple google search found the following programs that I myself would consider shitty software for noobs, but you may find useful in your detective work: Keylogger w/ FTP support Keylogger/Screengrabber w/ Email support
  8. ohh shit theres a ton of phreaks in MA. try going to your local 2600 meeting, you'll probably meet somebody there with an interest in telecom.
  9. hmmm I wonder what would happen if a 'hacker' setup a dialer to repeatedly dial the pdxusa exchange. It wouldn't cost the hacker a thing (hangup after one ring using voip), but I bet that could be pretty costly for pdxusa.
  10. ROFL. what! thats just funny.
  11. I don't care what you try to sell. I'm not trying to stop you do anything. I am however calling you an annoying noob. Just stop spamming your website here (especially by threatening us) without answering our questions. edit: oh, and i will own your shit, too
  12. checkout shed. it's simple.
  13. Hah, I can't believe they didn't cut me.
  14. w00t. time to go to Borders
  15. wtf? are you really concerned about spoiling harry potter? what are we 10 years old here?