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  1. MIDAS WebPage Roomates built a fully automatic dorm room, complete with a party mode. I heard about through MITs podcast, ZigZag.
  2. I upgraded the BIOS, and it seemed to work for a little bit, then I went ot work, and when I came back home, plugged my iPod in, it restarted again, I'm still looking for other updates on the HP site.
  3. So how would I go about grounding then properly?
  4. I never really got a win install disk, it came pre-loaded to the computer, but I do have a system recovery thing that can reinstall windows. I've done it before (in my attemps to dual-boot FC4 and WinXP) and I've had to reinstall everything before. I onyl really have one other question, the last time I reinstalled Office I had to call microsoft in order for it to be activated with the same key a second time, how would I go about using the same keys for other things like games I have?
  5. So how would I go about reformatting. I do want to keep some files though, like my iTunes music, and some videos, programs, etc. And I don't want to attempt to reinstall Office (which I don't think there's anyway around) and I don't want to reinstall Norton (because it's a pain in the ass). I do have a a like 320 gig portable hard drive that I can back things up to, but I'm not sure how I would go about doing that.
  6. it's mostly with me and my brother's iPods, but it happens with my PSP, and even once with my calculator. The last time I plugged in my iPod, I got an blue screen with text saying that windows shut down because of a program, then a space and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL then at the bottom of the screen ***STOP: 0x0000000A (0c80563D68, 0x000000FF, 0x00000000, 0x80563D68) so the I restart my computer, and when I click on my user name (I'm running Windows XP Home Edition) I get this error message The application failed to initailize properly (0xc0000005) this error message appears twice, then my desktop won't come up, so I run the recovery partition and it says that /idlist,:488:3712,D:\RECOVERY cannot be found. I've attempted using the Microsoft resolution to the problem when the notice message pops up, but it doesn't work, and Norton and my other anti-spyware scanners don't pick up anything either. Help please Thanks, Tier
  7. my dad just got one today, probably like a half hour ago. Not quite sure what he thinks of it yet though. the layout was kinda confusing to figure out, and everytime I touched it it went to the messaging screen, but so far there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. He'll probably go to work (Verizon Business) and play with it some more.
  8. If I remember right, the web browser in the later versions of the psp firmware (maybe the homebrew ones. I don't know) is Java compatible (wording?). That's how the homebrew Java games like chess and tic-tac-toe were able to run on later versions. Now if this has anything to do with actually running Limewire on the PSP, I don't know either. If I remember right though, there was a way to get Windows or Linux onto the memory stick, which also might help if you're really dedicated.
  9. psp

    If you have Windows 9x, you'll need to find a driver for it. You could google it and you should get some results, it's also the driver for an iPod in windows 9x
  10. I'm in Allen, but I'm only 16, so I've got restrictions too
  11. Maybe it means nothing (I don't use opera) but the progress column says error (next to the downlaod speed you magnified). Just making an observation
  12. There was a T.W.A.T about this. T.W.A.T It's episode 36 I think Kn1ghtL0rd talks about a program called Eraser, but I can't remember the url for the program.
  13. I didn't think about that either, from other things that I have read I thought it was something to do with the power supply too, guess not.
  14. It doesn't happen with flash drives. That did help, thanks for the advice. Everything's working fine now (so far). Thanks for all the help everyone!
  15. There is an error message when I click on my username to log on, it says something like Windows Application Error: 0xc0000005 The application failed to initialize properly That pops up twice before it lets me into the desktop, and then it only shows my background. From there I have to Crtl+Alt+Delete and run the recovery tool, and then everything works fine, until I plug something in again. I also did a search on the error and I=nothing I found looked like it would help me after I read it.