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  1. http://www.binrev.com/radio/archive/
  2. Don't forget the key3.db as well or firefox won't display anything!
  3. You might, read might, be able to get Kismet to work in Cygwin, but I wouldn't try. Kismet is mainly a tool for linux since it uses RFMon mode of the wireless card to pull data out of the air instead of actively scanning for APs. The only Windows tool I have used is NetStumbler. It works rather well, but is noisy. If you can get Linux running Kismet is definately the way to go IMO. Edit: R3c0n beat me to it
  4. Are they able to use USB drives? Problem solved. I used this back when I was in high school for Firefox 0.9 before they put Firefox on the computers. Even then I still used it since I could keep bookmarks, extensions, and plugins I wanted all on the USB drive. And USB drives are what, free now? Can't lose!
  5. Google inurl:"nph-proxy.cgi" and you hundreds of web proxys.
  6. HTTrack works nicely and is open source. http://www.httrack.com/
  7. If you need a webproxy, just google inurl:"nph-proxy.cgi" and find one that isnt blocked. There are hundreds or thousands found. Or set one up on a server you own like I did.
  8. Also check out BootSkin from Stardock. Unlike StylyXP, this program is completely free, and is small! I used to use it, and it worked great! http://www.stardock.com/products/bootskin/
  9. Ooooh yeah, the "school topic" again hehe. Well, I'll tell you my story. Because I knew both computer lab teachers and they knew me (and what I was capable of), I was given more leeway than regular users. Eventually, I was told to "try to find as many vulnerabilities as possible" on the network, and oh, did I ever. I filled up a whole page of stuff and it got sent to the city, and they eventually got mostly fixed! So what to look for? Beyond the normal command holes, and shortcut tricks, and any misconficuration of Novel/Zen/etc, look for install/document files that detail computer configuration. I found these on all new computers my old high school got, including Admin workstation passwords and IP address assignments to the ENTIRE city-wide network (what were the computer builders THINKING??). Eventually, the builders had to go and fix about 16000 (yes, THOUSAND) computers from stuff I found, and at their expense! I even got to meet one of the high up network Admins and talk to him about the network and stuff I had found. Really cool for a high school student! Eventually, everyone knew me in the school as the "computer guy" and I got the Technology Service award. It just goes to show, if you plan to do stuff, let the higher-ups know that you are helping them. Get to know the computer lab teachers, and let them get to know you! You never know, you might be told to actively search for vulnerabilities like I was .
  10. Yeah I've tried the main "express mode" button combinations with no luck. Heh I wouldn't mess with the actual elevator controls, just the included modes that require keypresses that just aren't known hehe. I do know that it is an Otis elevator now though as I saw some technicians today. Oh I wish I could base jump off, but the roof door is locked. And my lockpicking skills only extend to small locks right now hehe.
  11. For really advanced DVD editing and reencoding, check out PCGedit and DVD-Rebuilder with HC encoder. With PCGedit, you can essentially reauthor the DVD down to the actual scripting, you can edit menus and buttons, and, the best part, you can blank out certain cells or VTSTs. The result? NO more FBI warnings/studio logos/trailers/other random crap that you don't want. You then load the DVD in Rebuilder, use the free and included HC encoder in 2 pass mode, and get CCE quality backups that look spectacular to me. And to top it off, PCGedit, HC encoder, and the basic version of DVD Rebuilder are all free and being actively developed on the doom9 forums.
  12. Also check out VideoLan as it has built in filters for most video and audio files. http://www.videolan.org/
  13. 7th floor is the top Yeah I've tried many from the easter eggs site; these elevators also have no emergency stop buttons. They do have open ports for firemen's keys though, now where to get one of those... Yeah the stairs are there, but many many trips of 7 flights of stairs a day doesnt really appeal to me. I'll keep trying random buttons though! Edit: Oh yeah, it would be a closely guarded secret
  14. GPS

    If you take a laptop everywhere, check out the DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 with Street Atlas. It is really cheap for a GPS and maps ($100), runs on a USB port, and is very versatile. Works great with NetStumbler as well. With the software you can plot routes, add stops and specific roads you want to take and all, and the laptop will even read out directions to you if you have the speakers on, something to the tone of "In 17 seconds turn right on Main St." So yeah, if you are like me and don't go anywhere without your computer, check this out. GPS couldn't be cheaper.
  15. The life of a college student is always very hectic, and when you live on the 7th floor of a dorm full of people, the elevators can take a while. So, does anyone know any other express modes than the standard "hold door close", "hold floor #", or any combination of the two that I could try? We have searched all over the elevators for model numbers, serial numbers, and the like with no results; they are possibly remodeled. I can also get pictures if they would help. It would just be a nice thing to know when I am almost late for class and the elevator stops on almost every floor.